Fair Isle Geek Cardigan & Yellow Trousers

fair isle geek cardigan yellow trousers

On some days looking chic and stylish is the priority, isn’t it? fair isle geek cardigan yellow trousers.

These are the days we are happy to put up with a little bit of discomfort, especially if the stakes are high enough.

Feeling a little bit cold is bearable on a big night out.
A restricting piece of underwear is doable in that killer evening dress.
Or, maybe unforgiving tailoring is the order of the day when your goal is to seal that big deal.
Even a pinching shoe can be tolerated in the name of fashion…. or seduction!

On other days, only warmth and comfort matter.
Nothing else will do.
The thought of comprimising is too much to bear!

Today is one of those days for me.

Today I’m all about cosiness.
Warmth and a splash of cheerful colour!

When you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps (or under the weather) the thought of being cold or constrained can fill you with dread.

Some days we just can’t bear to be pinched and squeezed.
Shapewear is a BIG no no.
Tailoring can be annoying and don’t even THINK about uncomfortable shoes!

fair isle geek cardigan yellow trousers

So, with comfort in mind as I fight off a sniffle, I’m wearing the boots I wore to death last year …

See these tough boots with cute flat cap HERE  and with a short t-shirt dress HERE.

I could have worn something chicer, higher, or more on-trend BUT comfort won!

fair isle geek cardigan yellow trousers

I’m also cosying up in a cashmere fine knit and a vintage Icelandic/Fair Isle cardigan.
The cardigan is made from THE warmest wool, and is like wearing a warm hug.

See this Fair Isle/Icelandic style cardigan HERE, on another lazy day.

I paired these cosy pieces with my bold yellow trousers that I loved wearing over the summer months.

See these yellow trousers clashing with other bold colours HERE.
And, in an all-yellow tonal outfit HERE.

It’s a comfortable, fun and colourful look that distracts from the fact I’m sniffling for Scotland.


JUMPER: Charity shop find
TROUSERS: Next (out of stock)
BAG: Boden (old)
BOOTS: Christopher Raeburn for Clarks (old)

What do you wear when you are feeling under the weather?
Do you use colour as a distraction?
Do you give in to the joggies?
Or, are you a die-hard ‘heels and lippy’ wearer…. no matter what life throws?!

I’d love to hear what works for you.

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