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Christmas Picture Outfit Ideas (30 BEST Ideas)

The holiday season, especially Christmas, is a wonderful time for everyone. It’s that time of the year when you are gathered with the entire family and celebrate the occasion together. Aside from exchanging gifts, you can also take family pictures. Therefore, you should try to find unique and casual family Christmas picture outfit ideas for the year. 

Family Christmas picture outfit ideas shouldn’t be limited to matching outfits. In fact, you can wear different kinds of clothes, as long as it complements each other and fits the theme of Christmas. Let’s try and take a look at some of the best family Christmas picture outfit ideas that you can consider!

Elegant Outfits

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1. Elegant Outfits

Christmas is a very wonderful day of the year. Therefore, you can celebrate the occasion by wearing elegant clothes. Formal wear like suits and dresses is an obvious choice for the parents, while your children can wear similar kinds of dresses or shirts.

Wear Your Best Outfits


2. Wear Your Best Outfits

We’re not talking about matching Christmas outfits here. Therefore, one of the best family Christmas picture outfit ideas is to just wear your best outfits in the collection! Any clothes are welcomed, whether it’s a jumpsuit or a black dress. If you want your children to have matching clothes, then it’s no problem at all!

Plaid Shirts


3. Plaid Shirts

Many family Christmas picture outfit ideas are related to plaid costumes. You can choose to wear plaid shirts, dresses, or trousers. And here’s a great idea: you can wear plaid shirts of different colors to your partner. A great color for the Christmas theme will be red, white, and green.

Comfortable Outfits

4. Comfortable Outfits

Usually, a Christmas celebration will be done intimately at home. Therefore, you shouldn’t mess around with your clothing options and just go ahead with anything that’s comfortable to wear. For the winter season, a nice and beautiful sweatshirt will be awesome, especially because it still looks beautiful for photoshoots.

Green And Black Combination


5. Green and Black Combination

One of the highlights of the Christmas celebration is a Christmas tree. Therefore, wearing a green outfit will be a great option. If you want a variation, try to wear black outfits to pair with your children’s green clothing. If you’re looking for an outdoor photoshoot, something warm like coats will be nice.

Contrasting Colors


6. Contrasting Colors

If you don’t want to wear matching outfits as family Christmas picture outfit ideas, then make sure to wear contrasting colors instead. It will look great for outdoor events too. For example, you can wear a bright red dress to contrast your husband’s dark shirt.

Church Outfit


7. Church Outfit

Many people celebrate Christmas to honor Jesus Christ’s birthday. Therefore, churches will be filled with Christians on this exact day. For this occasion, you want to find formal outfits, like shirts and maxi dresses. Moreover, it can also be used for photoshoots after the mass.

White Shirts And Jeans

8. White Shirts and Jeans

White is a very bright and cheerful color. Therefore, it is really perfect for any Christmas occasion and celebration. For a better pairing, you can wear a pair of jeans and white sneakers. It’s a really casual outfit!



9. Pajamas

Christmas is a very wonderful day of the year. So, you should celebrate the occasion by wearing elegant clothes. Formal wear like suits and dresses is an obvious choice for the parents, while your children can wear similar kinds of dresses or shirts.

Parents And Children Outfit

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10. Parents and Children Outfit

Another great family Christmas outfit idea is to wear different matching clothes. What we meant by different matching clothes is that parents will have their own pair of outfits, and children will have matching outfits too. This is a really elegant photo shoot, so make sure to find the best dress in your closet.

Casual Outfits


11. Casual Outfits

Young couples who start a new family tend to wear casual outfits for their Christmas picture, and it’s not a bad idea! For the male, wearing denim jackets or shirts is also a good idea, and you can complement that with a long-sleeved shirt. A knitted sweater isn’t a bad idea either if you can’t stand the weather.

Green And White Combination

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12. Green and White Combination

Green outfits are rarely found on the streets. However, it will show up more often during the Holiday season. You can wear a green velvet dress to match the spirit of Christmas. If your partner isn’t on board with the green idea, he can choose to wear white because both colors blend flawlessly.

Green And Red


13. Green and Red

It’s going to be a whole different story if your partner agrees to wear green outfits for Christmas. A green suit and trousers will be a great combination for him and the little guy. To top it off, you can choose to wear a red dress to complement each other!

Sweater Day


14. Sweater Day

There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than to stay at your home, surrounded by all of your family members. If you’re going to take a family photoshoot inside, better to just find something cozy and warm! Therefore, we’re recommending you to use sweaters.

Gray And White Combo

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15. Gray and White Combo

Combining a gray and white outfit for the event will be nice. You and your loving partner can take up the gray part by wearing gray shirts and dresses, respectively. If you want to appear more elegant while still looking simplistic, a one-shoulder dress is highly recommended. It’s also perfect for when you want to go to church.

Match Your Interior Design


16. Match Your Interior Design

There are a lot of awesome family Christmas picture outfit ideas for you to choose from. Here’s a creative one for those of you who’re looking to stay at home: match your shirts and outfit color with your wall and interior theme. It doesn’t have to be the same exact colors! For instance, you can wear a white shirt and pants to balance out your light brown wall.

Wear Boots


17. Wear Boots

Taking a photoshoot outdoors may be fun, but it’s also freezing cold! Therefore, you can complete the family Christmas picture outfit ideas by using a pair of matching boots! There are a lot of advantages to this. These boots won’t only enhance your appearance but also help you walk through the snow easily.

Vintage Outfits

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18. Vintage Outfits

Why not go vintage for this year’s Christmas? By vintage, we don’t really ask you to wear old clothes from trends that are outdated. Instead, you can wear a fancier and more elegant set of clothes. For the ladies, a gold dress is highly recommended.

Bright And Warm Colors


19. Bright and Warm Colors

Christmas shouldn’t be all doom and gloom because it’s a season of happiness. Therefore, your clothing options should reflect that. One way to achieve it is by wearing bright outfits that reflect warmth. For this awesome idea, you’re very welcome to try on some elegant plaid dresses.

Black Outfits


20. Black Outfits

Black outfits are often associated with sadness. However, you can undo that stereotype with the right outfit combination. A great idea is for you to wear a full black shirt and pants, balanced out by a white outfit worn by your partner. Then, your children can wear a combination of black and white!

family christmas picture outfit ideas


21. Tie the Women!

Unique photoshoots with fun poses should be awesome. One way to realize that is by tying up all the females in the house using the Christmas lights cable! No matter how beautifully you dress up, you can’t complain and be mad at your partner and son for this day, and even your warm and beautiful scarf can’t help you!

family christmas picture outfit ideas

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22. Tie Your Kids

Another great family Christmas picture outfit idea is to make all your children wear the same outfit and tie them up because they can’t behave all year long! Then, you can just sit back and relax with your husband while wearing a nice plaid swing dress!

family christmas picture outfit ideas

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23. Red and White Combination

Red and white can be a very bright color combination. However, that’s precisely the aim because it matches the Christmas spirit. You can ask your son and husband to wear red, while you and your beautiful daughters can wear a beautiful white dress. It will look very elegant for all of you.


24. Wear a Beanie

Often, it’s going to snow during Christmas. As fun as it may seem, it is also very cold! Therefore, wearing beanies can also be one of the best family Christmas picture outfit ideas for many reasons. Not only did it make all of you cuter, but it will also cover your head from all the snow.

family christmas picture outfit ideas

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25. Be One with the Nature

Taking a family portrait outdoors for Christmas is a great idea. However, you also need to make sure that you wear the right colors that complement the environment. Oftentimes, dark shirts can be a go-to option. But if you want to have a slightly brighter color, go for maroon red.

family christmas picture outfit ideas


26. Casual Tracksuits

Here’s one of the most unique family Christmas picture outfit ideas for you: wear tracksuits! Why you may ask? The first reason is that tracksuits fit perfectly for cold environments. Then, you also should take into account that they really look awesome and stylish.

family christmas picture outfit ideas


27. Wear an Extra Layering

The winter season can be a little bit tough for some of you. If you’re that kind of person who is prone to cold temperatures, then an extra (or two) layering might be necessary because we’re sure that your sweater dress won’t be enough! Therefore, wearing a jumpsuit underneath is advisable.

family christmas picture outfit ideas

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28. Christmas = Warmth

When you’re choosing family Christmas picture outfit ideas, make sure to remember one thing: project warmth through your outfit of choice. One accessory that might help you is a fur coat. It can be paired with a long sleeve shirt and black pants.

family christmas picture outfit ideas

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29.Red for the Couple, White for the Child

You can have a matching outfit with your couple! Should you agree with the idea, then we’re recommending you to try out red hoodies or sweaters. To balance out the color, your child can choose to wear any of his/her favorite white outfits.

family christmas picture outfit ideas


30. Farm Theme

Our last idea is truly one of the most unique family Christmas picture outfit ideas ever. With this farm-themed ensemble, you can pose with your hats and casual shirts in front of real Christmas trees outdoors. It is fun, and you should try it out for once in a while.

What Should You Wear for Christmas Pictures?

You can wear a lot of things for Christmas, but the most important thing is to wear something comfortable during the winter. Something cozy like vests and sweatshirts might be great.

What Would You Like to Wear for a Family Photo?

You could wear matching outfits for a family photo. But if that seems too cheesy for you, wearing casual outfits with various colors that still complement each other isn’t a bad idea either.

How Should I Dress for Holiday Photos?

You should dress with any style that you see fit for holiday photos. If you want to go casual, try jeans. But if you want to have a more formal theme, you can also use dresses.

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