christmas picture outfit ideas for couples

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples (30 Top List)

Taking a photoshoot will be great, because it can help you to cherish all the memories with your loving partner. One of the best times to do a photoshoot is during Christmas. Just as there are a lot of funny and unique poses that you can do, it turns out that there are tons of Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples. 

Messing around your head regarding Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples is very fun. You can try and mix various colors with your couple. Besides that, wearing a matching pair of shirts is also a great idea. Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy all the time that you spent with your loving couple. The following are the best Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples that you can use!

1. Green-themed Outfits

Green-Themed Outfits

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Christmas is always filled with green trees and decorations. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to dress yourselves with green outfits. Your man can wear a long sleeve shirt, while you’ll have the honor to wear a spaghetti strap dress. Have a pose in front of your decorated tree!

2. Plaid Trousers

Plaid Trousers

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On our Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples list, you’re going to see a lot of options using plaid-patterned outfits, and here’s the first one. Rather than wearing a shirt, you can find a matching pair of plaid trousers for you and your partner. A red and black color will fit the Christmas theme perfectly. 

3. Elegant Outfits

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples

Taking pictures with your couple can be done indoors or outdoors. Even if you choose the former, it shouldn’t prevent you from dressing elegant! For a more intimate and simplistic look, you can wear a white and knitted blouse that is accompanied by your couple’s brown outfit. 

4. Fancy Outfits

Fancy Outfits

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Want a fancier-looking outfit that is still elegant for you and your partner? No problem, ‘cause we got it covered for you! For this particular idea, you can wear a black, v-neck off-shoulder dress. Then, your partner can also wear a black suit with white t-shirt underneath. It would be better to have him wear a tie too!

5. Use Gifts as Props

Use Gifts As Props

Cuddling and holding your partner might be sweet. However, you might want to do more this Christmas. Perhaps, holding a wrapped gift as a prop for your photoshoot might be great. If you’re on board, then try to find a dress that matches the color of your gift box!

6. Casual Outfits

Casual Outfits


Yes, Christmas is a really jolly time that only comes once in a year. But if you’re not in the mood to go out to a fancy place, then casual outfits will be the ideal solution. All you need to wear is a pair of matching jeans and white shirt. A sports crop top is great too. 

7. Glamorous Outfits

Glamorous Outfits

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If you’re going to be celebrating a milestone event with your loving partner, then wearing a glamorous set of outfits is a must! For this cold weather, both of you can wear a long-sleeved shirt or knitted sweater. For the bottom wear, jeans and boots are pretty much recommended!

8. Matching Hoodies

Matching Hoodies


Christmas is always celebrated at the end of the year, which makes it pretty freezing cold. Therefore, wearing hoodies as Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples isn’t a bad idea after all! In fact, you can find matching hoodies that can be worn together. But if you don’t want to bother doing that, just wear any hoodies that you both have!

9. Santa Outfit

Santa Outfit


You know the popular phrase “Santa Clous is coming to town”, right? You don’t have to bother waiting for him to come if you can just dress up as one yourself! In fact, if you both wear Santa’s outfit, it will result in a very cute photo, which makes it one of the best Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples!

10. Morning Warmth

Morning Warmth


We all know that it’s going to be cold during this time of the year. However, you can project warmth in your photoshoot by posing with a hot tea using bright outfits. For this Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples, we’re recommending a red sweater or a casual shirt. 

11. Extra, Extra Layer!

Extra, Extra Layer!


Winter can be a little bit tough for some people. Therefore, it’s not a crime if you decide to wear extra layering for your outfit. As a matter of fact, it will still make you look beautiful and fashionable! Aside from all the scarves and jackets, you can also top it off with a cute beanie. 

12. Red and Gray

Red And Gray


Red and gray can go hand to hand, just like your love towards your couple. Therefore, you can play with these colors as Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples. Shirts (or long-sleeved sweatshirts) will be great for both of you, but you can also make a variation with a fur jacket. 

13. Yellow Outfits

Yellow Outfits

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Green and red are two of the most common bright colors to be used for Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples. However, most of you probably don’t realize that yellows are great, especially when you’re taking pictures in a red background. For this combination, a casual yellow dress might suffice. 

14. White Long Sleeves

White Long Sleeves

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White-colored outfits will be a great alternative if you’re not on board with the idea of wearing brightly-colored outfits. For a winter/Christmas occasion, long-sleeved shirts or sweatshirts will be great. If you want to pair it with a pair of white trousers, go ahead and do it!

15. Red, Black, and Gray

Red, Black, And Gray

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Here’s another Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples that involves plaid outfits! This time, we’re recommending your man to wear a plaid shirt, and you can match it with a plaid scarf. To end the set, lovely ankle boots for both of you is an amazing option!

16. Dinner Outfit

Dinner Outfit


It’s common for people to go out during Christmas. Moreover, you can also take some pictures in your favorite restaurant! For this occasion, wearing a formal outfit might be the way. If you’re choosing to wear a dress, you can upgrade the looks by tying your waist with a ribbon belt. 

17. Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Pajamas


Wearing pajamas for the night is normal. However, we’re recommending you to find a set of special pajamas to celebrate Christmas (you know, the one with Christmas-styled pattern and design). After all, it can be used as a cute and intimate photoshoot with your couple.  

18. Sexy Couple

Sexy Couple


The great thing about being childless is the opportunity to do intimate photoshoots with underwear without the fear of getting caught by the little one. For this idea, all you need to do is wear a bra and underpants. To represent the Christmas spirit, you can add a Santa’s hat!

19. White and Black

White And Black

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Wearing a white shirt and posing beside your couple who wears a black shirt will also be nice for Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples. Although they both contrast each other, both shirts will be able to complement each other. 

20. Pose with a Cat?

Pose With A Cat

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Some couples might not choose to raise a human baby, but instead a cat. Well, try to dress the cat up with an outfit that matches both of you. For example, the cat can wear a sweatshirt that has a similar color or design to your own. Taking a picture of the three of you in the same outfit will be so cute!

21. Orange and White

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples

If your boyfriend or husband has a white outfit, then you’re in luck. After all, it can be paired with various colors of your choosing. Orange is just one that comes off the top of our mind. For Christmas parties at home, an orange knitted sweatshirt is highly recommended.

22. Elves Couple

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples


Santa is always accompanied by a group of helpful elves on his quest for fun. Therefore, wearing an elves outfit will be one of the best Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples. If you don’t want to bother buying a full outfit, then a pair of matching elf hats will be fine too. 

23. (More) Elves!

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples

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There are a lot of awesome elves Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples that you can play with. Another amazing one is to wear a green and red outfit. These different colors will make your photoshoot more colorful and fun. 

24. Vintage Outfits

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples

Christmas is a celebration that can bring joy to couples of all ages. You’ll never feel old if you’re surrounded by the true love who’s wearing an elegant and vintage Christmas outfit. Therefore, dark brown outfits like dresses or shirts might be a perfect idea that can be used for women of all ages. 

25. Red and Green Outfits

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples


Previously, we have mentioned to you that red and green are two of the most common colors to be used during Christmas. So, why not combine those colors for you two loving couples? In fact, your boyfriend can wear a nice green sweater, paired with a sweet red jumpsuit in your closet. 

26. Jacket Couples

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples


Wearing jackets can also be one of the most unique Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples. Remember: the jackets you have aren’t required to have matching colors. The most important thing is to find something comfortable to wear that is eye-catching. 

27. Maroon Red Outfits


If you really want to wear matching shirts as your Christmas picture outfit ideas for couple, then we suggest you consider using maroon red outfits. Wearing matching maroon red shirts can make you look more elegant and cuter. Top it off with a pair of cute reindeer headbands!

28. Suit and Skirt

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples

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Wearing a suit and skirt will definitely make you look fancy and awesome. It is also perfect for a fancy dinner occasion! Here’s a hot tip, wear a matching shirt with plaided patterns for the both of you! It will definitely give a more colorful vibe.

29. Brown Coats

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples


Coats are supposed to protect you from the cold weather and project warmth. Therefore, what better way than to wear a brown-colored coat with your couple? After all, you both will look cute! As an added bonus, you can use white sneakers for a better appearance!

30. Red and White

christmas picture outfit ideas for couples

Our last recommendation for the Christmas picture outfit ideas for couples comes in an awesome pairing of red and white. Both are amazing colors on their own, which makes it even more awesome to combine! Here’s a tip: wear a beautiful white scarf (should you get the white part) to wrap your neck!

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