Florals Denim Good Friends!

florals denim good friends

If you’re lucky, you might have a friend (or even two) that really knows who you are and what you love.
Someone that just ‘gets you’.

These fantastic friends are the ones you look forward to seeing.
The ones that make you laugh out loud.
The people that put you at ease and make you feel that you are enough.

The other day a friend like this surprised me with a ‘no reason’ gift and I was chuffed as nuts.

florals denim good friends

She’d spotted these colourful gutties when she was out shopping and thought of me.
How lovely is that?

These shoes tick so many boxes for me.

  • Bold in colour.
  • Comfortable.
  • Well made and sturdy.
  • A little bit androgynous.
  • A little bit 90’s!
  • Plus… I’ve never seen a pair quite like them before.

{Having the same shoes/clothes as someone else is not something I strive for!}

Happy Feet = Happy Face.

florals denim good friends

Today, I’m wearing my new shoes with a floral dress and a denim jacket.

Nothing special to be done, just chores and errands, BUT who says we can’t look nice while doing the mundane tasks of life?

What would YOUR ideal ‘no-reason’ gift be?

SHOES: Superga (a gift)
DRESS: Sisley (Charity shopped)
JACKET: Boden (older than time!)
BAG: French Connection

Last week Laurie caught my eye in her beautiful swimsuit.
Although, it’s more beautiful Laurie… the swimsuit is playing second fiddle!
Over 50 and looking pin-up-fabulous.

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