Do You Wear Your Favourite Colour? LINK UP

do you wear your favourite

I’ve been thinking about colour a lot recently.
Mostly because our garden is coming into bloom (early June is always beautiful here) and there are so many stunning colour combinations to enjoy.
Nature is the perfect stylist and I always feel inspired at this time of year!

do you wear your favourite

Colour is a surprisingly important part of life, used for everything from setting a mood (building trust) to selling us certain products.
Colour can also have an enormous effect on your general well-being.

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I’ve also been asking people what their favourite colours are, and wondering if they actually wear those colours?
If they don’t wear them, how do they incorporate the colour into their lives… Furnishings? Accessories? Stationary!?
Are some colours just admired from afar?

do you wear your favourite

Loving a particular colour is completely subjective and personal.
One person’s ‘happy’ colour is another’s nightmare shade!

Often loving a colour is not the same as loving to wear that colour.

Many people enjoy certain vibrant colours, sometimes even a proper clashing combination… but they only ever wear black.

So, today I’m curious to know if YOU wear your favourite colour?

Please let me know by leaving a comment or Contact Me HERE.
You could also leave a link to a colourful blog post, web page or Instagram image.
I’d love to find out what colour gets your vote!

Last week both Gail and Monica caught my eye in their colourful outfits!
So this week I’m featuring TWO fabulous bloggers.

Gail is dressing up (boring?) black with a burst of delicious RED!
What a cracking outfit.
See her Full Post HERE.

And Monica was just, well… her usual colourful self.
She has gone for RED too.
See her Full Post HERE.

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