Geek Chic in Gray and Green | Tweed Jacket and OTK Boots

geek chic in gray

The Geeky Gucci-inspired look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this season, so today I was having fun experimenting.
This outfit is slightly androgynous, with a nod to the pantone colour of the year (Greenery) but it is totally within my comfort zone.
Grey jeans and a coloured jumper.
Easy peasy.
Popping a floral blouse underneath added more interest…and warmth!

geek chic in gray

This jumper is a beautiful merino/cashmere blend that I found in a charity shop for £2.99.
It was brand new.
I am sure someone bought it with the intention of experimenting with some colour… then thought “Nah!”.
One person’s rubbish is my lucky find!

geek chic in gray

To add a little more geeky chic I simply popped on a tweed blazer.
This tweed blazer has been in my wardrobe for ages, and every time I wear it I have to battle the frump factor.
Tweed can go a little “Miss Marple” if we are not careful…especially over 40!

Tweed looks ironic and cool on young women and gets harder to wear as we get older.
So I needed a little something to liven it up.

What could be more of a contrast to a tweed blazer than a pair of over-the-knee boots?

These boots are warm and comfortable (good job, as I was on my feet all day) and are just a little bit unexpected.
Adding my blue bag brought colour and personality to my look.
Making the very “proper” blazer seem more fun to be around!

{See this tweed blazer styled HERE… with giant houndstooth tights}

Adding a wool beret, and pink leather gloves, finished things off nicely.

BLAZER: Boden (this season’s)
JEANS: Topshop
BOOTS: Duo …. these are down to £30!
SOCKS: M&S…these are nice.
JUMPER: Jaeger…. this one is nice too.
BLOUSE: Asda…this one is beautiful.
BAG: Tkmaxx…. this one is fun.
BAG CHARM: Primark… this one is cool.
GLOVES: A gift…similar
BERET: I can’t remember! This grey one was the closest I could find.
GLASSES: Converse

How do you feel about Tweed?
Classic or easily Frumpy?
How do you style yours?
Please share in the comments….or send me a picture!
I love hearing from you.

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