Gothic Steampunk T-shirt and Mixing Textures, over 40!

gothic steampunk t-shirt and mixing

This is such a fun outfit, and incredibly comfortable to wear.(It’s really just a slightly smarter version of joggers and a t-shirt!). gothic steampunk t-shirt and mixing texture

The pencil skirt is part of a co-ord, and is super comfortable.
The skirt can look quite smart, but easily adapts to fit into a more casual look.
Even with its silver lurex thread!

{See this co-ord in its full glory HERE….and find out where it came from.}

gothic steampunk t-shirt and mixing

This t-shirt used to belong to my son, but he has outgrown it.
I decided to save it from the charity bag and keep it for myself!
The t-shirt is good quality cotton, and has an eye-catching gothic/steampunk design.

It glows in the dark.


gothic steampunk t-shirt and mixing

This may not be the most sophisticated or grown-up item of clothing.
It’s not lady-like or elegant.
It is certainly NOT “Age Appropriate”.

It’s unexpected, fun and makes me smile from ear to ear.
And, at the end of the day, that’s got to be a good thing!

I wanted to wear these olive tights and my buckle sandals.
These sandals are very comfortable, and offer me just enough height to smarten things up a bit.

A cute cap (which was a thoughtful gift from my friend Anna… see here blog HERE) and my magpie necklace finished things off nicely.

TOP: My son’s
SKIRT: Forever 21
SHOES: All Saints
COAT: Primark
HAT: A gift

Do you ever wear unusual things just because you like them?
Please share your ‘sins’ in the comments…or contact me.
I love hearing from you!

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