Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn | 7 Favourites

goodbye summer hello autumn

It’s officially Autumn!
Okay, not really…
Autumn (in Scotland) officially starts on the 22nd, but the 1st of September always feels like autumn to me (despite it being 18 degrees today, and the warmest it’s been for ages!)

Today feels like the perfect time to think about my favourite Summer outfits.

{Click through the links in the titles to read the original posts}

Please feel free to disagree with my choices!
I would love to hear your opinion.

1. Wearable Boho

goodbye summer hello autumn

This outfit was a really wearable boho-inspired look.
Perfect for anyone who loves the idea of boho but doesn’t fancy the full-on flounce of outfits like THIS and THIS.
Comfortable and practical.

2. Can you Wear White to a Wedding?

goodbye summer hello autumn

Find out if I wore this white outfit to a wedding (or not) by clicking through the link in the title.
What are your thoughts on wearing white to a wedding?

What about vinyl leggings, like the pair I wore in THIS POST to a wedding reception!?
(yes, really!)

3.  Denim A-line Skirt & Kiwis?

goodbye summer hello autumn

This outfit isn’t anything edgy, or particularly special, but it was the first time I really enjoyed wearing this denim skirt.
(See this skirt styled in other ways HERE and HERE.)
This blouse also started a discussion on Instagram about kiwis, cucumbers or green tomatoes!
Find out more by reading the post HERE.

4. Red & Black Work Outfit

This is such a simple and comfortable outfit, perfect for work.
With just enough personality to feel like an individual.
A close second favourite of mine!
What do you think?

5. How to Tone Down a Too Tight Dress

This coral dress was initially a write-off.
A waste of money, and almost unwearable… unless I was on a beach somewhere.
I felt pretty bare and exposed in it.
Too short.
Too tight.
Luckily, the green tunic (also styled HERE) saved the day, and I ended up loving this outfit!
Find out more HERE.

6. 4 Ways to Wear ANY Colour Combination

This post was all about (so called) fashion colours, colour combinations and how to make ANY combo work for you.
There are (almost) no rules.
Have fun with your personal style, and be yourself!
Find out more HERE.

7. Colour Blocking in 3 Easy Steps

This outfit was my favourite of the season!
Such a simple selection of pieces; Jumper, trousers, bag & shoes.
Each of them a little special.
My cosy cashmere jumper.
My (current) favourite trousers.
THE best shoes I’ve bought for a white.
And, this bold and beautiful bag.
A colour-fest!

The bold colours elevate this look from “meh” to something worth wearing!
Find out how to colour block with ease HERE.

Do you agree with my choices and my favourite (number 7)?
Did I miss anything?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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