Indian Summer. One Day Only!

indian summerone day only

A couple of days ago we had the kind of weather we always hope for, here in the UK.
A Indian summer’s day.
Late summer heat.

{When I say “heat” I mean 18 degrees, not exactly the tropics, but good enough for me!}

The sun was warm, but not too hot.
The air felt heady.
AND…it was the perfect weather for bare legs, and sandals.


{Today, however, I’m back down to earth with a bump. It’s 14 degrees and drizzly… I’m wearing an aran jumper, culottes and cosy socks as I type this.}

At this point I must also tell you that the only reason this outfit was possible was because it was my day off work, and I didn’t get ‘properly’ dressed until about 10am!
(Lazy bones)
Mornings are pretty chilly now, and heading out at 8am in this garb could have been uncomfortable.

Also, I knew I only had to go out for a couple of hours, and would be back home soon.
No need to worry about getting cold later in the day.

It’s was now or never!
One last nod to Summer.

indian summerone day only

It was lovely to be able to bare a little skin, and top up on my vitamin D, for another day at least.

{I take vitamin D3 supplements from September until June… so important for anyone who lives somewhere deprived of sunlight. Or too cold to bare your skin to it!}

indian summerone day only

I decided to take advantage of the warmth offered by this vintage skirt, as I really don’t like being cold, and there’s always the chance of rain in Scotland.
{I have an extra cardigan and a brolly in this pink bag.}

This skirt is such a fresh and summery colour, and makes me smile!

{See it styled differently HERE and HERE.}

The vintage skirt seemed to call out for a clash of pink, and I ended up with quite a girly look… which I loved wearing.
Complete with a delicate necklace and a pretty butterfly pin.

{See more butterflies HERE.}

Chunky sandals and a denim jacket toughened things up a tiny bit… but not too much!
A pink belt tied everything together, and a delicate silk scarf finished things off nicely.

SANDALS: Vagabond.. on sale now!
BAG: Charity Shop gem…. try this one.
PIN: Very old….. these are pretty.
SKIRT: Vintage… similar
TOP: ASDA (sold out)…try this.
NECKLACE: Borrowed from my daughter….sshhhh!
SCARF: A gift…. try this.

What colour would you have chosen to wear with this skirt?
Please share your colour choices in the comments.
I would love to be inspired to try something new!

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