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Today I want to share a brand with you called Lumity.

Lumity reached out to me a while ago and offered to send me some products to review.
I was initially reluctant to agree.

very rarely agree to this kind of collaboration (my reviews NEED to be completely honest and unbiased) but I was impressed with their ethos, and the sustainability/recyclability of the products.
I agreed to have a look at 3 of their main players and let you know my HONEST opinion.

{I was NOT paid for this collaboration so I don’t feel any obligation to say nice things!}


Lumity sent me a beautifully wrapped bundle of 3 of their main products.
Every item felt luxurious and very ‘high end’.

The hard hitter in the bundle were the supplements.


First and foremost, I’ve got to get one important thing out in the open here…

I’m not a supplement taker (or a believer).

Maybe it’s my scientific background?
Maybe I’m just a cynic?

I believe that a normal diet is the best way to nourish your body and unless you have some kind of medical issue (or deficiency) supplements are only good for one thing… producing expensive urine!

For me, the only supplement worth its salt is Vitamin D.
(Especially for anyone living under the gloom of the northern hemisphere.)

Having said that, I do have an open mind so I gave them a go!

The supplements DO feel very luxurious.
They’re easy to take in the form of a soft capsule and they’re different colours for day and night.

They’re NOT suitable for vegetarians and certainly NOT chewable!

My daughter asked if they could be chewed and I experimented…
The answer is an emphatic NO.
They taste so awful!
They also smell pretty foul each time you open the jar but, my nan would say that if they stink it means that they’re doing some good.

I love the recyclable storage jar packaging and the non-plastic based packets.
I like the way the separate evening and morning supplements make you feel like you’re doing something positive towards looking after yourself.

They feel special.

If you’re a supplement fan you’ll love them.

The company’s blurb sounds impressive and I can appreciate the work that’s gone into developing these supplements.
A thoughtful process.

Personally, I didn’t notice any difference in my hair, nails or skin but then again my hair nails and skin were in decent shape before I started taking them.

If you’re having problems in that area you might notice a difference.
There are certainly plenty of testimonies.


The next product was a cleansing balm.
This was my favourite item and I was sad to see that I only had a small 10ml jar to play with.

love a good cleansing balm.
This one felt luxurious, worked well and did not aggravate my reactive skin.

{I was worried when I saw the words “aromatherapy” in the blurb as many essential oils can cause skin reactions but this worked beautifully.}

I loved the eco ethos of the product and the fact that the packaging is recyclable.
(I decided to reuse the jar to store a homemade lip to cheek product)
This cleaning balm is a really nice product both as a cleanser and as a mask.
I tried it both ways with great success.


The third product was a facial oil.
This facial oil is still going strong!
I like to use a drop under my makeup for a lovely glow and it’s lasting well.

I have tried many facial oils over the years and this one is not irritating or too greasy.


I also wanted you to know that Lumity asked me to join an affiliate programme but I declined this offer.
If you want to try these products then you certainly should but I’m not going to give you the hard sell by any means!

I think the products ARE lovely but quite expensive.
If you love luxury products then you will be in your element.
If you’re trying to watch the pennies then this range is not for you.

I personally wouldn’t spend my money on ANY supplements, regardless of how great they were.
I also wouldn’t pay a lot for facial oil.
I think cheaper products work just as well.
The only thing I would buy again would be the cleansing balm.
Maybe as a gift for a friend or as a birthday treat to myself?!

I’d love to know if you’ve heard of this brand or tried any of their products?
I’d also love to hear your thoughts on supplements?
Please leave me a comment

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