Honest Beauty Review • Lacura (Aldi) Hot Cloth Cleansers

honest beauty review lacura

Who else loves a genuine beauty bargain?
Who hates paying over the odds for (basically) the same products?
I know I do!

I’m pleased to be able to share this little gem with you.

It’s a pack of 4 cream cleansers from Aldi.
£7.99 for the set.
A real bargain.

{You can also buy the cleansers in larger “full size” tubes of 200ml (massive!), however, these 75ml tubes last for ages.}

I have potentially reactive skin and I often react to products that shouldn’t cause a reaction.
For example:

  • Anything from Clarins (seriously!)
  • Liz Earle clean and polish.
  • The Neals yard sensitive range (yep… the SENSITIVE range!)

All of which made my face go various shades of red and purple!

So when I was testing these cleansers for you I felt a little wary.
Especially as the original cleanser smells (and feels) almost identical to the Liz Earle one!

{As a side note… I have heard in the past that the Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser is a dupe for Liz Earle.
It made my face tingle and feel even more irritated than the Liz Earle.
Maybe they’re made in the same place?}

However, back to the Lacura…I needn’t have worried about irritation!
All of the cleansers were absolutely brilliant.
No irritation at all.
I even used them to remove my eye makeup.

I used them with either a muslin cloth or a microfibre cloth and they worked perfectly with both.

I even repurchased a bigger version of the pink clay cleanser (200ml which came with a muslin cloth for £3.99) not because it was my favourite but because it was the only one in the shop!
I would happily re-buy all of them.

A brilliant product at a rock bottom bargain price.
Perfect for the savvy shopper!

{DISCLAIMER: I bought the cleansers with my own money}

Please let me know if you’ve tried them already!

P.S… Here are some images of the ingredients lists…

honest beauty review lacura
honest beauty review lacura

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