Honest Beauty Review • Murad Rapid AGE SPOT Corrector

honest beauty review murad

Let’s get stuck in to another honest beauty review shall we? honest beauty review murad rapid age spot corrector.

This time it’s the turn of Murad’s rapid age spot corrector.

Did it work?
Is it worth the money?

Read on and find out the unbiased truth!

Age spots…
I despise them.

Yep, despise is a strong word BUT age spots are not attractive.

They’re not a beautiful sign of ageing like stunning silver hair or laughter lines.
They’re not pretty and interesting like a smattering of freckles.
For me, they just scream…

“Old hag!”

{If you love your age spots then fair play to you.
I envy your attitude and admire it.}

However, if you’re anything like me then you probably have a few of the pesky blighters on your face (maybe on your hands too?) and would love to be rid of them.

I have a patch of age spots on my cheek that appeared after a monumental cock-up by my old dentist.

In a nutshell, he messed up a procedure and ended up x-raying that area multiple times.
After which I had to move dentist and spend a lot of money getting his work fixed.
{Yes, I know I could have sued, but I just wanted away from him and it sorted… all is well now, thankfully.}

Anyway, back to the point…

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not BUT it do have a patch of pigmentation in exactly the same area as the tooth in question and I really don’t like the look of it at all!

I’ve always tried to keep it protected with SPF but it does get darker in the summer regardless of my efforts.
Concealer works but can look cakey.
I just want it gone!

Chemical peels and laser treatments don’t tempt me.
{It’s the cost as well as the invasion of the procedures.}

So I went looking for a topical treatment.

Murad’s Rapid Age Spot Corrector popped on my radar.

honest beauty review murad

It was recommended as a “fantastic treatment” so I thought I would buy myself a bottle and give it a chance to do it’s age-spot-busting thing.

I applied the treatment morning and night to clean, exfoliated and other-product-free skin.

I also applied the accompanying moisturiser each morning.

I used a tiny amount on the specific areas every day until the bottle ran out.
Almost 6 months in total.
Six months should be long enough for a treatment to work, right?

So, what happened?
Did it work?

Am I age-spot-free?
Or, have my marks faded slightly?

The short answer is NO.

Although the product is pleasant to apply.
Smells nice.
Doesn’t nip or irritate.
It did Sweet Fanny Adams for my age spots.
Absolutely nothing.

I took before and after photos and they may as well be taken on the same day.

was intending on posting the photographs to show the amazing results but they’re not great photos (my peach fuzz is more in focus than my age spots!) and there is literally no difference between them.

So my advice?

If you are really serious about blitzing those age spots then you may need to go down the route of Hydroquinone, chemical peels or laser treatments.

I’m not going to do any of those things despite my disappointment at the outcome of this Murad product.

Some things can’t be fixed.
No amount of cream can turn back the clock, erase wrinkles or make us look 25 again!
Only hardcore procedures and prescription-grade products can do that.

BTW: As you probably figured out I bought these products myself and I’m not sponsored by MURAD…. no shock there, eh?
(They’d be wanting a refund!)

I would LOVE to know if you’ve tried any age spot treatments that actually WORKED or at least helped a little?

Please share the details in the comments or send me an email at Fakefabulous(dot)com@gmail(dot)com.

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