Winter outfit Layering Coat over a Denim Jacket

winter outfit layering coat

It was another mild winter’s day (with a hint of spring in the air) and I really wanted to winter outfit layering coat over a denim jacket.
A denim jacket is a spring staple, and spring means hope and positivity! winter outfit layering coat.

Unfortunately, despite being mild, it’s still much too cold for a single denim layer.
Spring has a while to go yet!
So, I popped a checked coat over the top of my denim jacket for a practical (but fun) layered look.

winter outfit layering coat

When I was out and about I had the denim jacket buttoned up to the top, the collar popped and a silk scarf tucked in at my neck.
This was a nice look but I wanted to show you my underlayer (and necklaces) in these photos.

winter outfit layering coat

I’m completely obsessed with layering coats over jackets and jackets over (and under) gilets at the moment.
It’s such a great way to keep extra warm and get more use out of your clothes!
It also feels (to me) just a little bit ‘cooler’ than a basic coat.

Id love to know if spring is on its way where you live?

{It was very spring-like in these photos BUT it’s back to blowing a hoolie today as I type this!}

JUMPER: Pre-loved (it was my daughter’s)
DENIM JACKET: Boden (very old)
COAT: A gift
NECKLACES: Various old pieces and gifts
EARRINGS: very old

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