How to Tone Down a Tight Dress | Orange & Green

how to tone down tight dress orange

This orange dress seemed like a good idea at the time.A great colour. how to tone down tight dress orange
A good fit.
The perfect (strapless) shape for warm summer days.

Except when it arrived it was far too tight, and (as it rode up while walking) far too short.
Oh dear.

how to tone down tight dress orange

As much as I am against ‘rules’ when it comes to dressing, and always up for wearing whatever you want (regardless of age) feeling comfortable is key.
Unfortunately, this dress made me feel VERY uncomfortable!

Skin tight.
A little bit ‘too much’.

I regretted it immediately.

how to tone down tight dress orange

The dress is well made and comfortable to wear but I felt like a sausage ready for the pan!
Not a great look.

I decided to make the dress more wearable by adding an interesting tunic over the top (see this green top styled HERE with even more layers!) in a satisfying clashing colour.
However, almost any long layering piece would have worked perfectly.

Simple, neutral shoes and small grab bag grounded the bold colours.
A chunky necklace finished things off nicely.

Do you own a dress that’s a little ‘too much’?

Could you use layers to make it more wearable?

I love hearing from you so please leave me a comment!DRESS: Baukjen
SHOES: Clarks
NECKLACE: Boden (old)… this one is stunning!
BAG: Hidesign (old)… this one is lovely.

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