White Jeans & Spring Layers, over 40.

white jeans spring layers over 40

White jeans can be tricky to wear can’t they?
I love the look of them, but they aren’t very practical for ‘real life’.
White jeans are undoubtedly a dirt magnet, and certainly can’t be worn more than once before heading into the wash.

White jeans can also be unforgiving, showing your underwear (VPL…yuck!) or highlighting any lumps and bumps.

White jeans look so fresh, clean and modern!

Wearing white jeans is a great way to look spring-like without losing the extra warmth that denim provides.
They also give off the impression that you are an organised and “pulled together” person.

{Subconsciously people assume that you must be organised…see THIS POST about the messages colour can send.}

White jeans are the perfect transitional piece.

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HERE, with green nails!
HERE, in an (almost) all-white outfit.
And HERE….with matching accessories. Frumpy or not? You decided.

white jeans spring layers over 40

These white jeans are straight legged and give off a slouchy, laid-back vibe on my narrow frame.
I cuffed the ankle to add to the casual feel… and show off my shoes!

Straight leg jeans are probably the most versatile of all jean styles.
They work for most body shapes and can easily be made to look smart (or as smart as jeans can look!) or very casual, depending on your mood.

This pair are a true (blueish) white that looks bright and crisp against other colours.

white jeans spring layers over 40

I decided to keep the colour palette cool and subtle, although this shirt is a warm shade of blue and the peep at the collar is just enough to make these colours “fit” my warm colouring.

Bright white is not a colour I suit.
It makes me look washed out and dark under the eyes, but I still wear it anyway!
Wearing a ‘tricky’ colour on your bottom half (away from you face) is a great way to make it work for you.

This outfit was originally supposed to include bare arms and sliders!
Unfortunately, the weather turned a little cooler, so I added a knit and shoes with a little more cover.

These shoes are still sandals but there is much more leather covering the foot AND I can add a little sock for extra warmth.
{Even a thin sock, like this one, works wonders.}

These photographs were taken at the weekend and although the weather was cool, it was mild enough for (almost) bare toes.

However, today it is frosty… the weather is cooling down again (we had snow yesterday) so my thick socks and chunky boots are back on!

Has the Spring weather stalled where you are?
Do you wear/like white jeans?
How do you keep them clean?
Please share in the comments, I love to hear from you.

Jeans, shirt & bag: c/o Bonmarche
Jumper: Isle
Scarf: A gift
Shoes: Allsaints
Socks: Topshop (old)

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