How to wear a Christmas jumper without looking like an idiot.

Styling a Festive/Christmas how to wear a christmas jumper without making a fool of yourself. {Disclaimer: You must be prepared to look like a bit of an idiot, anyway!} The festive jumper season is upon us.

Love them or loathe them, the festive Christmas jumper trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.
Festive sweatshirts and knits are in every shop.
You can’t escape.
Even if you want to!

There is even a ‘National Christmas Jumper Day’ every December!

how to wear christmas jumper without
National Christmas Jumper Day’ every December

Many people will find a Christmas knit in their stocking this year, and many workplaces host Christmas jumper events with the aim to raise money for charity.

It is meant to be lots of fun and I am always championing having fun with fashion.

However, I have a confession….
Christmas jumpers make me cringe.
They are not my style at all.
I find them embarrassing and a little awkward.

This coming from someone who likes wearing bright blue tights seems ridiculous, but I can’t help it!
I know they are meant to be witty and ironic BUT, I just feel like an idiot.

What if (like me) you want to get into the spirit of the Christmas jumper and join in the fun, but it makes you a little self conscious?

Can a Festive jumper ever be styled without making the wearer look like a fool?

how to wear christmas jumper without
look a bit silly

First, you have to be prepared to look a bit silly.
There is no getting away from that fact!
There really is no such thing as a ‘chic’ festive knit.
Even when they are made from beautiful fabrics, and from higher-end shops, they are still a bit (read: very)naff.
But, don’t let me put you off.
Go for it and have fun!

My festive jumper is relatively understated and a little tongue in cheek.

I didn’t try to ‘smarten it up’, or be fashionable.
I just kept the whole outfit really simple and casual.
Wearing skinny jeans brought the whole look into my comfort zone.
Skinny jeans are my clothing equivalent of a comfort blanket.
Perfect for when I feel a little self conscious.

This vintage shirt (see it worn Here and Here) added another layer of familiarity, not to mention a pop of warm colour.
I really needed the warmth between the grey colour of the jumper and my face.
Wearing a colour you know suits you with one you know doesn’t, helps make the tricky colour more wearable.

My cream lace boots and grey wool socks were the perfect partners.
See my lace boots here and here.

I am not normally a fan of a wedge heel (I think they make my legs look like golf clubs) but the lace fabric over the suede of these boots was hard to resist.
Little snowman earrings finished this outfit off with a smile!

Jumper: H&M (kiddies section!) This one is similar.
Shirt: Vintage (this one is cool)
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Clarks (these are cool)
Socks: Brasher
Earrings: Newlook (old) These are chic….honestly!

It was a horrible day (weather-wise) and we were being battered by the wind and rain.
Running out, between downpours, to take these photographs.
SO windy outside…and freezing cold!
My little photographer shouts to me,

“Jump up and down to keep warm, Mum!”

I had to oblige!

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