How to shop the sales like a PRO without wasting money!

For many people, it’s almost impossible to escape the lure of a SALE. Seasonal sales… End of season, mid-season. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. this is how to shop the sales like a pro

We all have an inbox full of deals and offers!
People are looking for a bargain.
But, it is easy to fall victim to the Faux-Bargain that is a real waste of money.

how to shop sales like pro
the lure of a SALE

So, as a True-Bargain hunter…I am out shopping this weekend.

The trip is supposed to be for Christmas presents but, to be honest, it is more of a social occasion for me.
A chance to dress up, have fun and have a good old blether!
A day of coffee and cakes and looking at beautiful things.

  • A train ride into the city.
  • Coffee (and cake) while formulating a rough Plan Of Action.
  • Looking in luxurious shops, that I can’t really afford to buy from.
  • Trying on beautiful shoes.
  • Exploring, experimenting and maybe treating myself to a new item of makeup. 
  • Browsing for realistic purchases.
  • Lunch (with a cheeky glass of wine) to think about the things I have seen, and decide which of them I am going to buy.
  • A focused dash to buy those things.
  • A cocktail (or two) to celebrate success!
  • Home.

This plan for the day works really well with a friend, but can also be very relaxing and enjoyable alone.

If you have never shopped alone, I would highly recommend it.

Sale shopping this weekend is going to be full-on fun!

However, the shops will be full to bursting and aimless wandering is not an option.

Sharpen your elbows, ladies!

Sale shopping is the one time I stick to a set of RULES….my own!

  1. Dress like you mean business.

Dress for comfort as well as personal style.
Comfortable shoes are a must for trailing around the shops… Shopping is a good workout.
I always wear shoes that I can take on and off easily.
So I can try (lots of) others on!

I also need my functional layers.
Shops can be stifling and VERY crowded at this time of year.

A large and comfortable (to carry) bag is essential.
I need to have room for my usual bits and bobs, plus space for stuffing removed layers.

I always do my hair and makeup…and wear nice undies!
Looking scruffy and undone can be depressing in the changing room.
Especially, under those harsh lights and unflattering mirrors.

  1. Make a list and have a plan.

I am not a fan of crowds and being pushed and jostled.
So, I never wander aimlessly through the shops hoping for inspiration.
I always make a list of things that I need (or want) and focus on finding those things.
I do some research online before I set off.
This is a great way to get ideas and to target the shops I need.

  1. Don’t buy things I wouldn’t normally.

I always apply the “Would I pay full price for it?” theory to any purchases.
If the answer is “No”, then I step away.

A bargain Low Price is only a bargain if you would buy the item anyway.
Everything else is a waste of my hard earned cash.

Things I Avoid:

  • Anything the wrong size. If it does not fit and make me feel great, I put it back.
  • Faulty items. I am not a whizz with alterations and repairs if you are…go for it!
  • Being seduced by the designer label. If it was from good old M&S would I still buy it? Probably not.
  • Buying things for a different version of me. If it does not suit my body or lifestyle NOW then I step away.
  • Items that don’t go with ANYTHING in my wardrobe. If I need to buy a whole new outfit to go with an item, it is not a bargain.
  • Really old items the shop has dug out of stock, there is a reason no one has bought it in the past 5 years!

If I am unsure about something, I go away and have a coffee (or my lunch) and think about it.
Usually, this is enough time to let it go.
But, If I really love it and need it in my life….then I buy it anyway!

Are you heading out on a shopping trip? Or doing it all online?
Do you have a plan? Or, do you just go with the flow?

Please let me know of any tips or tricks you use to find a bargain.

Gilet: La redoute (old) this one is nice…and a good price too.
Denim Jacket: Boden (old) this one is nice…and warmer.
Brooch: Gift …. This one is Stunning!
Dress: Primark (I like this one)
Under-top: Redoute
Gloves: Asda (these are nice)
Bag: Last seen in this post.

how to shop sales like pro
Denim Jacket
how to shop sales like pro
Dress: Primark

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