How to wear a Chunky Twisted Cable Knit | Casual layers, over 40.

Simple and casual Autumn layers. how to wear chunky twisted cable knit

Oversized and Chunky, twisted cable knits have really caught my eye this AW15.

I have been coveting those at Acne, Chloe and Christopher Kane.
Structural and edgy, but they are unfortunately in the realms of budget fantasy.

So, when I saw this jumper (in the realms of budget reality) I had to order it.

However, I am always a little wary of Internet shopping as the online photography can make even the nastiest item look edgy and chic.
You know how it goes:

Looks great on the model, looks ghastly in the mirror.

So I did resign myself to the fact that this jumper would probably be at least one (if not all) of the following:

  • Cheaply made
  • Rubbish material
  • Poor fit (usually involving not enough sleeve length)
  • Sloppy and without structure
  • Too thin and not warm enough
  • A disappointing ‘real’ colour
  • Have a patterned front and a plain back (always a major disappointment for me)

Imagine my delight when the jumper arrived, and it is none of the above.
And, that colour!
I just love the colour.

It was described as yellow, but I would say it is a zesty olive.
Anyway, regardless of the name, it is a really rich autumnal hue.

how to wear chunky twisted cable knit

I stood next to one of the trees in the garden (below) and I think I look like I am in camouflage gear, this made me smile.
I love the these colours!

how to wear chunky twisted cable knit
how to wear chunky twisted cable knit

I honestly feel that it is important to keep up to date with trends, especially as we get older.
I don’t mean that we have to be a head-to-toe-straight-off-the-catwalk-fashion-victims.
Just a hint is enough.
Whether it is an item of clothing, a nail colour or a shoe….it keeps us away from the gates of Frumpsville!

This jumper was just the ‘hint’ I was looking for.
Not so chunky and structured as to be unwearable, but just enough of a ‘nod’ to those extreme trends on the catwalks.

So, after my trendy nod, I reached for my old leopard print shirt.
I like the familiarity of a well-worn item when wearing something new.
And, this adds more autumnal tones to the mix… always a good thing, in my book. 

All of that volume on top meant that I needed my lower half to be a slim fit.
I can easily look sloppy, and I wanted to avoid the ‘sack effect’.

I was tempted to grab my trusty, old, black skinny jeans but these fun ones caught my eye.

They are a little bit animalistic (Snake or Zebra? I am not too sure…any suggestions?) and they add just enough interest to an essentially simple outfit.
I do wish they were a little neater on my leg, but they are so much fun that I forgave them!

I have to admit that I was pleased the weather was cold enough for my ‘walking boots’.

These platform boots are seriously high and I can’t help but like how long they make my legs look!

They are surprisingly comfortable too (because of the platform) but by no means practical!
A definite no-no in icy conditions….unless I want to be sprawled all over the pavements (not the look I am aiming for).
Great for a day like today though, I can walk around in them for hours.
I did have a chunky wooden necklace picked out to wear, but it all seemed a little ‘too much’ so I left that at home. There was enough going on without it.
A simple pair of hoops finished things off nicely.

What do you think?

Are you a fan of the oversized cable knits?
Do you like to add colour and texture to make a simple outfit come alive?
Please let me know, I love to hear from you!

Jeans: Fragile (I like these)
Jumper: Soft Grey @Redoute
Shirt: Topshop (this one is nice too)
Boots: Aldo (These are fierce!!)
Bag: Barbour

The photo below is a snap of me laughing after hubby almost fell backwards down a hole he had just dug in the lawn..too funny…I did not have much sympathy for him but I did check the camera was Ok!

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