How to wear OTK boots, over 40 | Poppy red, with a french spin!

Wearing over-the-knee boots without looking cheap. how to wear otk boots over 40 poppy red

Styling a knitted dress without the frump factor.

Personally, I think over-the-knee boots are very tricky to wear.
There is no getting away from the fact that they aresexy, and can easily make even the most conservative of outfits look a little too much.
The look gets harder to pull off as we get older (sorry ladies, but it is true).
What was once fun and playful starts to look sad and desperate.
It is not fair!
Even the flat over-the-knee boots can look a bit cringe-worthy.
Add a heel, and you are in Pretty Woman territory…without the fairytale ending.
But I still want to wear mine!
How can I do it and still look like me?

Styling OTK boots with a french spin.

how to wear otk boots over 40 poppy red

These boots are genuine vintage (early-90’s to be exact).
I know this because I bought them! Way back in 1991.
My first wage was burning a hole in my pocket and these boots were £15.
Slashed in price because no one could get them on, too narrow.
Perfect for my skinny legs!
I used to go clubbing in these over-the-knee beauties (think black hot pants, a micro-mesh top and waist-length hennaed hair….Happy days).

I just had them resoled and re-heeled, last week, and they are like brand new boots again!
I love the vintage almond toe and the placement of the block heel.
They are fierce stomping boots.
Perfect for all night dancing, or all day shopping.

They have a fur lined turn-up which you can turn down for a different look….that sounds like an idea for another post!

Things to think about when choosing your OTK boots:

  • Fabric…Suede looks less sexy than patent leather, for example.
  • Colour… Tan or purple suede gives a soft look, red or black leather is bolder.
  • Heel height… Flat boots are slightly coy, spike heels give a different vibe!
  • Embellishment…tassels, buckles, laces, all change the look completely. Be careful you don’t end up in pirate territory though.
  • Fit…Baggy is sloppy and falls down, skin tight and oozing is just awful. Keep searching until you find your perfect fit. 
  • Buy the best quality you can afford… cheap looks cheaper when it is up to your thigh!

These boots were the obvious partner for a knitted dress.

This dress was a charity shop find (a few years ago) and originally from French Connection… £140 new, if I recall correctly.
They were iconic (at the time) and every other shop jumped on the bandwagon soon afterwards, so I was super-smug about my £3.99 bargain!

Do you have a similar style in your wardrobe?

My husband says his granny had one almost identical as well (see this post about a similar comment on my vintage knit).
His granny sounds like quite the fashionista, of her day!

I have to agree with him, that this dress can look unflattering and frumpy.
The knit is unlined and clings to any lumps or bumps, highlighting underwear lines, seams and oozing flesh.
I wore a long sleeve lightweight polo neck under it, tucked into my opaque tights (not glam or sexy but well hidden) then a full length slip for the knit to skim over.
Adding a chunky woven belt gave some more interest and definition to my short waist.

So, this look has killed two birds with one stone.
Toning down the sexiness of the boots and the frumpiness of the dress.

how to wear otk boots over 40 poppy red

My lady-like red coat was described as a Coatigan, and I don’t think they were very popular.
I’m not sure why, as I love mine!
See how I wore it with a bargain-basement jumpsuit here.
I added this cute beret for that French-inspired chic.
The classic combination of black and red with a french twist always makes me think of Carrie Bradshaw in Paris.
I can dream, can’t I?

how to wear otk boots over 40 poppy red

My chunky necklace finished thing off nicely (I bought it in the summer and have worn it a lot…see it Here (at a wedding), here, here and here).

I am now on the lookout for my hero accessory of the winter…any Ideas??

What do you think?
Do you love your OTK boots?
How do you wear yours?
Please share in the comments or tweet me @samantha4blair!

Dress: French Connection (bought in a charity shop) This one is similar.
Boots: Vintage Dolcis (I bought them in 1991) These ones are stunning.
Polo neck: Newlook (this is similar)
Necklace: Topshop (similar)
Coat: Boden (this one is stunning, this is nice too)
Belt: French connection (I searched and searched for something similar, but it was impossible!…this plain woven one is nice though)
Beret: Espirit (similar)

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