How to wear a Vintage kilt, over 40 | Tartan and leather.

How to style a vintage skirt and keep it modern. how to wear vintage kilt over 40 tartan.
How I wear vintage without looking frumpy.

Styling vintage without looking like you are going to a party gets harder as we get older.

What was once cute and ironic becomes a little…Hmmmm, did she mean that?

I wear a lot of old, or vintage, clothes and I love the quality and character they bring to an outfit.

But, I don’t want to look like I am caught in a timewarp or heading off to that bad-taste party.

Top “Wearing vintage with a modern twist” tricks:

  • Keep your makeup modern and on trend. Check out magazines and beauty bloggers (like Lisa Eldridge) for the latest colours and looks….Don’t blame me if you lose entire days watching her videos though!
  • Use an on-trend nail colour.
  • Don’t over do your hair. Slightly undone is much more modern (and so much cooler) than helmet hair.
  • Avoid Matching Eras…Mix it up a little and have fun.
  • Wear up-to-date accessories, especially shoes (unless you are showcasing vintage shoes, of course…like I did here)
  • Try something unexpected…A vintage dress over leather leggings with neon nails?!
how to wear vintage kilt over 40 tartan

This gorgeous Kilt was in a ‘reject’ bin, at a charity shop. For the princely sum of £1.

It was in such a sorry state.
Crumpled and crushed with a slightly old and foosty smell to it.
Unloved and unwanted.

It was the mixture of colours that caught my eye first then, when I felt it, I knew it was pure wool and the knit was so fine that I had to have it.

Surely for £1 it could be rescued?

It is 100% wool and so well made.
Delicate, yet warm… a real gem.

The straps are leather and it is a great fit too.

I did not even have to go to the expense of getting it dry cleaned.
Just a good steam, then an hour or two on the line and it was as fresh as a daisy, and looking like new!

There were, however,  a few ‘problems’ to overcome:

  • It is pleated from the waist and I have a short waist, not a good combination.
  • It is a below the knee/midi-length which can look hideous on me! Making my legs look like pencils stuck into a potato.
  • The colours could be very old-ladyish and potentially dowdy.
  • The wrap is genuine, and could fly open at any minute revealing more than I intended!

I decided to tackle each problem separately and see if, at the end of my problem-solving, something decent came out of it.

Styling a short waist.

As I mentioned in this post (where I also wore this leather jacket) I am not a fan of “rules”.
Especially those telling me that short-waisted women should be avoiding certain clothes.
I don’t want to have to avoid anything!
I like my high-waisted jeans and I am going to wear them regardless of what the rule-book says.

Adding a slightly longer jacket (a cardigan or gilet would work) to this skirt, deceives the eye into thinking my waist is neater and longer.

I kept the lines clean(ish) with a knitted polo neck jumper.

{Sshhh, don’t tell anyone, BUT…I have a long-sleeve thermal top underneath which I tucked into my tights! Not very glamorous or sexy but nobody knows (if you don’t tell them) and warmth is so important…Being cold is not stylish!}

My nude leather jacket was also seen here, here and here, trying to hide my short waist.
It always surprises me how warm a leather jacket is. Add gloves and a scarf and you are good to go.

Styling a below knee-length skirt.

The only way for a midi-length skirt to work, on me, is to add a heel.
A modern and chunky one was needed with this look.
Now was not the time for a delicate court shoe. That would have been a one-way ticket into frumpsville.

I do not like trailing around in uncomfortable shoes.
Luckily, these sky-high (and slightly OTT) boots are so comfortable and easy to wear.
(See them styled here with my chunky knit)
The platform heel does not feel very high at all.
In fact, they are an all day shoe!

Styling old-fashioned colours.

I could have clashed with some vibrant tones, or a different pattern.
But, I did not want to look too over-done or take the attention away from the skirt.
So, I had no option other than to embrace the colour palette.
I added some modern shapes in muted tones and made the most of what the skirt was offering.
My Jacket and boots were the key additions BUT my skirt and top needed something extra to add a bit of interest.
I also wanted to deceive the world into thinking I have a small (and longer) waist.
This chunky woven belt was the perfect partner!

Small brushed copper earrings and these oversized glasses were all the accessories I needed.
However, I forgot to photograph my bag.
I used this one…and added 3 pompoms.
OTT? probably, but I am not sorry. I love them!

As for the potentially opening wrap…. I just put on some good quality, thick, opaques and went for it!

What do you think of how I styled this “reject”?
Are you a vintage lover? Or, do you worry about looking frumpy?
Please let me know in the comments…. I love to read them!

how to wear vintage kilt over 40 tartan
how to wear vintage kilt over 40 tartan
how to wear vintage kilt over 40 tartan

Skirt: Vintage (this one is gorgeous!)
Tights: Falke
Boots: Aldo (similar)
Jacket: Superdry (similar…save, Similar…spend)
Jumper: Next ,  this one is so soft and cosy (I have tried it).
Belt: Old (I couldn’t find anything similar, but this one would look stunning!)

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