How to wear VINTAGE (over 40 style) for 2021

how to wear vintage


Heading out in the late evening to walk the dog on virgin snow made me grin from ear to ear.

A real sense of joy.

(Jake wholeheartedly agreed!)

Snow has magical powers here in Scotland… It lights up the night sky and makes people smile any time of the day!

By the time I was heading out to work the next day, the snow had been marked by other enthusiastic boot (and paw) prints but it still filled me with some (much needed) positivity.

It’s the small things that matter.

If you’re enjoying this post why not have a look at these…

* Casual But Cool. Bold Winter Outfit.

*Why is my personal style changing?

* Blue and Silver MAXI COAT (from 2017)

how to wear vintage


Today’s outfit has everything I need for work.

  • Warmth and Comfort.
  • Removable layers for various temperatures (indoors, outdoors, draughty hospital corridors, stuffy labs, frosty walk-in fridge rooms)
  • A nod towards who I am… my style personality.
  • A nostalgic moment…. (more on that in a moment)

Let’s break it down:

Starting with a set of lightweight thermals.

Coated Jeans and an oversized (gents) cashmere jumper made up the base of this look.

Skinny jeans are not a modern silhouette for 2021 but with a couple of minor tweaks don’t look too frumpy… in my opinion.

{Let me know WHAT YOU THINK}

I’ve added a pair of chunky white boots to give this look a kick up the rear.

They’re comfortable and eye-catching.

Every time I look down at my feet I smile.

A longline hoodie (gents again!) adds warmth and an OVERSIZED sheepskin COAT gives just enough personality to pep up an otherwise ‘normal’ outfit.

A cosy cashmere hat and a reflective cross-body bag finish the look off nicely.

A moment of NOSTALGIA…

This coat belonged to my late mother in law.

I gratefully saved it from being put in a charity bag and my goodness I’m so glad I did!

It’s fabulous!!

Every time I wear it I think of her and smile.

(I also wonder HOW she ever wore it considering it’s oversized on my 5 feet 6 inch frame and she was 4 feet 10!)

how to wear vintage


SHEEPSKIN COAT: Vintage 1980s

CASHMERE KNIT: old and charity shopped… a gents jumper

COATED JEANS: Asos hourglass range.


WOOL SOCKS: vintage


NECKLACE: Vintage 


If you also want to make your vintage pieces (whatever they are) feel modern then you’re in the right place!

I’m guessing that if you have landed here you may already own a vintage piece you’re loving?!


Unfortunately it’s time for a few home truths and they might sting a little.

When you are… (ahem)…. let’s say “VINTAGE” yourself, any genuine vintage piece of clothing can look bloody awful.

It is hideously unfair BUT almost any vintage styling looks amazing on the young.

  • Quirky.
  • Fun.
  • Ironic.

HOWEVER…. when you get to the point where your face is a little “lived in” vintage style CAN easily look like some old ‘stuff’ that you’ve been wearing since the 80’s… and not in a good way!

I LOVE a vintage piece.

I love the uniqueness.

The quality.

The nostalgia.

If you agree with me and also love a vintage vibe BUT don’t want to look like you’re playing dress up I’m here to help!

3 Easy ‘RULES’ to Style Vintage in a Modern Way.

1. Wear your vintage piece as a stand alone item.

Unless you’re a seasoned vintage aficionado then keep things simple.

ONE vintage moment is enough…. especially if that piece is a statement in itself.

2. Keep you’re hair and makeup modern, fresh and a little ‘undone’.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here…. if you’re hair and make up routine has been the same for more than 5 years it’s time for a shake up.

If your hair and make up has been the same for…. gulp…. 20 years (30?…40?!?!)…. you know what you need to do.

Get online, check out some of the great makeup videos from;


Try some new techniques (no need to buy new stuff) and be AMAZED at the difference!

3. Make sure at least one other item in your look is BANG up to date.

By this, I mean not just ‘modern’ but current and TRENDY.

This doesn’t mean buying something NEW as such, just take note as to how items are being worn and styled and keep your styling fresh.

{Pinterest is great for ideas}

3 good examples of this…

  • Ditch the classic shoulder bag and wear a cross body bag on your vintage day.
  • Add a casual touch with a half-tucked shirt or an oversized hoodie.
  • Swap out ‘grown up’ shoes (or boots) and add something unexpected like TRAINERS or CHUNKY footwear (sliders, sandals or boots).

If you struggle to feel modern (i.e. NOT FRUMPY) in vintage try wearing your piece in a different way.

  • Try leaving your coat unbuttoned or belt it using an up-to-date belt.
  • Leave a shirtdress open over balloon jeans and a fitted top.
  • Cuff ankles and sleeves on a vintage jumpsuit (or shirt/trousers)
  • Add layers… wide legged flowing trousers under a dress for example.
  • Play around and have fun!

VINTAGE can look modern and effortless.

Dig out your vintage items and have a go.

Please say hello in the comments below OR Tag me your vintage look on Instagram @fakefabulous 


Tell me about the oldest clothing item in your wardrobe.

Mine belonged to my Mother in Law…. it’s her “going away” coat from her wedding in 1958.

See it HERE and HERE

* Vintage in a modern way, Blue and Pink! (from 2018)

* Vintage Coat and chunky boots (from 2015!!)

{It’s fun to look back at my old outfits…. even though many of them make me laugh I never regret a thing!}

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