Yellow Satin Skirt, Green Jumper, Navy Coat Winter OUTFIT

yellow satin skirt green jumper navy coat winter outfit

Yellow satin skirt green jumper navy coat winter outfit


It’s time to add some COLOUR.

If you’re anything like me this season you may find yourself reaching for dark colours more often than you used to.

You may be wondering what the point is in dressing up… with nowhere to go.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to have a “dress up” day and parade around your house in a party dress and heels.

Let’s get real here.

I’m not interested in being even SLIGHTLY uncomfortable at home so I”ll not be doing THAT , thank you very much.

I do, however, think we should make a tiny effort when we leave the house.

Even if it’s just to go to buy our messages (grocery shopping).

My friend told me how she got dressed up and wore her gorgeous new boots for the first time the other day to go to…. wait for it… the opticians.

This time last year we would have laughed but for now out is OUT… no matter where.

Her new boots made her smile and we all need any excuse to do that, don’t we?

yellow satin skirt green jumper navy coat winter outfit

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yellow satin skirt green jumper navy coat winter outfit

Today’s outfit has everything I need.

  • Comfort.
  • Warmth.
  • Colour.
  • Joy.

After my usual thermal base layer (tights, vest top and wool socks) a satin skirt and a gent’s knit made up the backbone of this look.

These are modern shapes that can be worn by ANY AGE.

In my opinion, no matter the scores on the doors (whether you’re age 16 or 66)… this outfit would look great!

These satin skirts work well in summer with sandals (or sliders) as well as winter with boots.
PLUS… if we ever go out on the social agin they look pretty with heels and a camisole.

A cashmere hoody adds warmth (gent’s style too) and a long COAT adds a cosy top layer.

A fluffy scarf and a small bag (worn inside my coat) finish the look off nicely.


GREEN MERINO KNIT: charity shopped years ago


LEATHER BOOTS: Clarks…years old now… they belonged to my friend’s sister.


LONG WOOL COAT: Vintage (Charity shopped a few years ago)



I don’t want you to feel like you have to SHOP in order to recreate (or be inspired by) ANY outfit.

Although I’m guessing that if you have landed here you may already own a satin skirt or slip dress and a jumper
If not, it’s no problem at all.

Let’s start with the basics….

If you’re not a fan of the satin style skirt (Let’s be honest here, they CAN show every lump and bump!) you can easily swap it out for any midi-skirt.

{Full knife pleats would look amazing!}

If you struggle to feel modern in a satin skirt (or dress) try sizing up to give yourself room across the tummy and bum.
Tight fabric over a belly or bum can look seriously FRUMPY…. unless you’re packing a peach back there!

The green knit can be swapped for any colour that you love.
This mustardy/yellow/ochre looks amazing with green, navy, purple and pink as well as all the neutrals!

Of course you could easily switch the colours so you have a darker shade on your lower half and a brighter colour on top.

The black boots are a classic fuss-free style that suits all ages BUT if this style is not your bag you can easily add a super-chunky combat-style pair OR a more ladylike heeled version.

The long navy coat could be swapped for a blazer or long cardigan if your climate allows.

The feel of this look is simple but bold.
Casual but elevated.
A basic balancing act.

I’d love to hear how you would choose to do it!

Say hello in the comments below OR Tag me your version of this look on Instagram @fakefabulous


Have you been colour-shy this year?

Do you lean towards dark (and mysterious!) shades?

OR, are you embracing the mood-enhancing bolds and brights?

I’d love it if you would share your current colour mood?

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