Is it Time for Your Style to Grow Up? Denim & Leopard

is it time for your style to grow up

Have you ever bought something just because you thought you should have it in your wardrobe?
Because everyone else has one?
Because you feel you ought to own one, now that you have reached a certain age?

‘That’ age.

The age when the time has come to ditch the frivolities of youth, and settle down to some grown-up classics.

Well, a couple of years ago, I did just that.

I bought (amongst other things) a knee length denim A-line skirt.
Because I was 40.
And being 40 meant it was time to grow up, and wear sensible clothes.

Student chic, playsuits, miniskirts, leather dresses, dungarees…they need to be shelved once you reach 35, don’t they?

Tailored trousers, crisp blouses, blazers, shift dresses and sensible shoes should take their place.

I may come as no real surprise to you that my answers to these questions (now) is a firm…

{Read more about one of my major style wobbles, here.}

I honestly think that the only time you should shelve the things you love is when you are no longer drawing breath.
Anytime before that moment is a waste of life.

What a difference a couple of years makes!

is it time for your style to grow up

Once my wobble had passed (and I had given myself a good shake) I had to reshuffle what remained of my clothes, and mourn the loss of some old favourites.

This “nice” A-line, knee length, denim skirt hung sadly in my wardrobe.
Impossible to make my own.
Nothing like ‘me’.

Then I moved it to the ‘mistakes’ box on top of my wardrobe (the ones that are too pricey just to dump).
The items that might be an outfit, one day, maybe?
Things I might pass onto my girls.
Spending money on nice things is fun, but wasting money is very annoying.

So there this skirt sat, in the reject box, forgotten.

I was having my usual random trawl on Ebay, and found a pair of funky, clunky, hairy, platform, leopard print (and slightly ridiculous) shoes.
I could not resist their tongue-in-cheek charm.
They had to be mine!

When they arrived home, I realised that most of my clothes didn’t work with these hairy leopard beauties.

is it time for your style to grow up

Mini skirts were a no-no (too cheap looking).
Skinny jeans looked a bit formulaic, and boring.

Maxi’s just looked odd.
A midi would work, but I was not feeling in the midi-mood.
Anything leather was just too much.

I needed something else…
Something plain.
Something classic.

A knee length, denim, A-line skirt maybe?
Luckily, I had just the thing!

A boring skirt needs a bit of oomph, to spice it up.
An OTT pair of shoes needs something somber, to tone them down a little.

The perfect match.

Adding a blush coloured, skinny rib jumper made for a simple (but fun) outfit.
This cool eye brooch finished things off nicely!

Let me know your thoughts on style (and “growing up”) by leaving a comment…
Or Contact me!
I love hearing your opinion on things like this.

SKIRT: Boden (old)…very similar.
JUMPER: Primark (current season)..this one is pretty
SHOES: Office  (these aren’t platforms, but are gorgeous…and on sale!)
BAG: Cambridge satchel company (a gift) …this one is nice
BROOCH: H&M (this one is chic)

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