How to Wear Yellow | T-shirt dress and leather, over 40.

how to wear yellow t shirt dress and leather

Yellow is such a vibrant colour. how to wear yellow t shirt dress and leather.

It is associated with positivity, optimism and creativity.
It promotes original thought, and ideas, simulating the mind.
A great colour to wear if you have writer’s block!

how to wear yellow t shirt dress and leather

This yellow dress is an easy t-shirt shape, very comfortable and perfect for a warm day.

Yellow looks great with a tan (which I certainly don’t have) but, if you are not tanned, don’t worry.
I am a firm believer in rocking the skin you are in.
I am pale.
Fake tan looks ridiculous on me.
I gave up trying to tan years ago.
I just use a slightly tinted moisturiser to take the blue tinge out of my legs.

Pale or dark…love your skin!

{See my post on making the most of your legs, here}

I like yellow so, I am going to wear it, regardless.

how to wear yellow t shirt dress and leather

Today, I decided to keep the palette of this look (mostly) neutral.
Adding a nude/blush leather jacket.
This could be enough for a nice minimal look but, the paler hues tend to wash me out a little so I needed some pops of colour to brighten things up a bit.

A red clutch, and a matching lip, were the perfect pep-me-up.
Adding little touches of blue (in my earrings, scarf and toes) provided more interest.

My new platform sandals finished things off nicely.

{Platform soles are going to be BIG news for AW 16/17… wear your sandals with socks, or tights}

Here are some great yellow-based colour combinations to try…

1.  Pale, straw yellow (warm) + white + soft pinks + soft blue/grey and a pop of darker blue.

2.  Pastel yellow + soft pistachio green + sky blue and a hint of sage.

3.  Bright lemon + muted red + grey green + soft cream and the dark contrast of charcoal grey.

5.  This is my favourite combination!
Acid yellow + Deep plum/purple + olive green + grey green with a pop of turquoise and a hit of red too!

6.  Mustard yellow + coral + turquoise + soft teal + cream with white adding the pop of (non) colour.

7.  Warm yellow + deep prussian blue + steel blue with pops of white and burgundy.

I found these fantastic palettes on a home decor site, after searching for a while.
These are the colours I wanted to show you, but intended for interiors.
Great combinations work, whatever the situation.

{Think about using scarves, nail polish, shoes, belts, bags, lipstick, earrings and other accessories to add the pops of colour}

How do you feel about yellow?
Do you like it?
Or, do you think it is difficult to wear?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments…or Contact Me.I love hearing from you!

DRESS: Finery London (this longer one is nice, and an easier colour to wear)
BAG: Fiorelli (this one is perfect!)
SHOES: Vagabond
RINGS: Charity shop
JACKET: Superdry
SCARF: A gift (similar)

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