Layering trend: Geek chic, Blue and orange.

How to wear layering trend without looking sloppy.

Layering is going to be HUGE this AW15…
Great news for a life-long layers-lover like me.
I am going to be bang on-trend… at last!

Chunky knits over fine knits over silk tops.
Shirts under dresses.
Polo necks or turtlenecks under anything and everything.
Faux fur, tweed blazers, duvet coats, cosy scarves, under-sweaters, more polo necks!….it all sounds good to me.

layering trend

A lot of the new AW15 trends can be difficult to wear in the real world.

The ĂĽber-thin, ĂĽber-young and ĂĽber-beautiful models on the catwalk pull off the looks easily BUT it is much harder for us mere mortals.

You know how it goes…
You admire the concept in the magazine/ shop window/ online. Then you attempt to recreate the look at home, only to fail miserably and wonder what you did wrong. Then resort to your old (and more reliable) favourites.

We have to concede that some things are not designed for real life…
Oversized cuffs dangling as you cook the dinner or wash the dishes? Fake fur coats in the pouring rain as you wait at the school gates? Red velvet boots while walking the dog?…all epic fails.

Layering, however, can be perfect for real-life…almost practical in fact!
Cosy, elegant and forgiving.
However, the trend can also result in an unfortunate tramp-like appearance (vagrant-chic) or give the impression that you got dressed in a hurry that day, or worse, in the dark.

layering trend

It can also add serious pounds to the figure….even the relatively slim can end up looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, from Ghostbusters. 
Believe me, I know.
I’ve been there, looking like a potato with pencils stuck in it, in my down filled jacket and fur vest (waistcoat).

The whole thing sounds hard to pull off, right?
Well….it can be, but it can also look (and feel) great!

I decided to give it my best shot…

As it is August (and allegedly still summer) I decided to go with some simple light layering.
Two visible items is a great place to start.

So I took inspiration from the geek-chic look at Gucci, and the AMAZING blue, orange and black palette of the Roksander AW15 collection.

layering trend

Of course, none of my items are either couture or high end designers, but being inspired by these beautiful things is free…. and I am in love with this fur waistcoat and belt (swoon) and would wear it to death, given half the chance, even in the Scottish rain!

I paired a simple little shift dress with a long orange chiffon shirt…buttoned up to the neck, for that geeky vibe.

Plain black opaques seemed the obvious choice (to tone things down slightly) and a large rope and metal necklace pulled the colours together.

My silver loafers (last seen HERE) finished things off with a little zing.

A really comfortable and simple layered look….no bulk added!

Top layering tips:

  • Unless you are whisker-thin (and are looking to add bulk), keep most of the layers as light as possible…fine gauge jumpers, thin under-tops (viscose or silk), lightweight polo necks, sheer (or almost) shirts.
  • ‘Anchor’ your under layers. It may not be the sexiest look but tuck your tops into tights or trousers, add belts…I have been known to add a safety pin on occasion! Clothes in layers DO ride up as you move around and a bunching of fabric around your tummy is never a good look.
  • Keep any chunkiness restricted to one layer (a super-chunky knit OR a fur waistcoat..not both), any more will add too much volume to your frame.
  • Grab a wide belt and nip in that waist. The big belt is going to be huge this AW and the added bonus is that the belt holds everything in place.
  • Anything goes when it comes to colours and patterns…although if you want to look slick and chic then stick to a subtle or tonal colour palette. However, if (like me) you would rather clash a little then go for it!
  • Try to pull the whole layered look together with a KEY piece….like a bag, scarf, belt or  necklace.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN with your layers!

What do you think of the new layering trend?

Do you love to layer?

Dress: Marks and Spencer (children’s department)
Tights: Falke
Loafers: JohnnieB @ Boden
Chiffon Shirt: Brave soul
Necklace: Unknown
Earrings: Newlook

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