Layering Trend : Pussy bow blouse, Mary Janes and a fun bag!

Lightweight layering for Fall / Autumn.

Geek chic for real life.
I felt in the mood for blue again today….I seem to be wearing a lot of blue recently!

Maybe it’s my new brown hair?…or maybe I just love the warm tone of this blouse?
Whatever the reason, my blue obsession continues..

layering trend

I have been really inspired by the full-on Geek chic look of the Gucci AW15 collection, and I am keen to try and see if I can translate this look into ‘real life’.

layering trend

I love the berets, metallic midi-skirts, bobble hats and the huge dark rimmed glasses but I think these touches are a little too much for my daily life (although, I do like a beret and a bobble hat in winter).

The outfit I have chosen today is really easy to wear, nothing too off-the-wall but still a nod towards the new trends.

I decided to take the pussy-bow blouse and waistcoat (vest) elements and work from there.

layering trend

My neighbour has very kindly loaned me one of his fantastic ‘old’ Canon cameras…which is superb and lots of fun.
The picture above was a ‘test shot’…as we get used to using it.
Not great but shows potential.

I have taken some pictures of our dog and the children, they look great!There are manual settings for me to fiddle with and a 50mm f1.4 lens BUT, trying to pin my husband down to take some photographs of me with it seems to be impossible. 
He is always so busy and not used to a Canon, so our first attempt at a shoot went quite badly!
All of the photos were binned. 🙁

The rest of the photographs here, were taken with the the old Nikon we have….top shot by hubby and the others by my budding photographer daughter (she is only 8 and is doing a great job).

Hopefully next time?

This Leopard bag actually belongs to my middle girl and she happily (albeit, temporarily) donated it to the blog.
She was pleased that I wanted to take it in to my work for a trial run too (it is really well made and roomy). I may ‘forget’ to hand it back for a few days, so I can use it again!

I enjoyed wearing it. 
It is lots of fun, and made me smile every time I needed to get something.
Those ears are so cute!
Okay, so it is not Chic or classy, BUT perfect for brightening up a plain outfit with a sense of humour.

I do love a Mary Jane shoe…especially worn with socks.
I just think it looks so quirky.

This is one of those looks that I think really confuses men… like smart joggers or polo necks (I’m not sure why, but men hate polo necks).

I know my husband was confused by the whole sock/heels/rolled up trousers concept.
His expression was so funny but he is used to years of my crazy combinations so he takes it all in his stride.

All I know is that I love the look of socks and girly shoes.
I can’t explain why, I just do!

Socks in a heeled shoe serves two main purposes for me; 
Extra comfort and extra warmth.
(Being a little quirky is just a bonus)

My blouse is a lovely warm blue colour but, as it is just a cheap one (and made from polyester), a camisole is essential for me.
I don’t like the feeling of polyester on my skin. 
I last wore it HERE…all in blue again!

The waistcoat (vest) is made of merino wool and is so versatile, I do wear it a lot.
It is also handy to roll up and pop into a bag for an extra layer of warmth, if needed.

The chino trousers are very old but there are similar styles all over the shops just now.

The patent Mary Jane shoes are a delicious petrol blue colour with a brown heel and strap.
They are a tad too high for me to walk all day comfortably (flats went into the bag) but the silver-grey socks helped.

My Perspex buckle belt and little cluster of necklaces finished things off nicely.

Do you get excited about the new Autumn / Fall clothes? Have you bought any yet?
Do you like to try and copy new trends into your real-life wardrobe?

Blouse: Primark
Trousers: Gap
Shoes: Clarks (from Ebay) but I love these
Bag: MIWO x-dolls
Knitted Vest / Waistcoat: White company
Belt: Boden

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