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lazy dressing well worn clothes

Over the past few weeks (and more so over the past few days) I’ve been feeling like a burst ball.

In short… rough as a badger’s bum!

Maybe it’s perimenopause?
Maybe it’s the busy time of year?
(It’s manic at work and not much better at home!)
Maybe I’ve picked up a virus?

Whatever the reason, I’ve been struggling to put the ‘normal’ amount of zing into my outfits and I’ve often been reaching for the jeans or even (gulp) joggers!

Yep joggers, and not in a good way!
I’m not proud of it.

am normally a fan of simple outfits that are comfortable, functional and practical but I also love injecting a little fun and plenty of personality.
Joggers, unless worn beautifully, don’t register in the style stakes, do they?

Unfortunately, every now and again looking half-decent is all I can manage.

Today’s outfit is a good example of trying to look half-decent but still sticking firmly to lazy dressing.

It’s an outfit that won’t win any style prizes, turn heads or cause a stir.
It could help you bluff your way through the day (as it did me).

Bluff your way through!

The easiest way to make a lazy, feeling rough, need to bluff (but can’t be bothered) outfit is to use tried and tested pieces.
Items you know you can rely on.
Clothes that have had the job done many times before.

These trousers come out every summer and the cardigan is worn to death all year round.

These two pieces are SO old it’s scary… and the quality is completely different from that of modern pieces of the same brand.

You know the details I mean, the ones we all love… and deserve!

  • Wide hems that are doubled over and well secured.
  • Piped edges.
  • Well-finished buttons and pockets.
  • Heavy and substantial fabrication.

{See this post about brands that are letting us down}

I hope the items in this outfit never give up the ghost.
I’ll struggle to find alternatives if they do.

For now, I’m hanging on to them with my fingernails.

With classic pieces, you can throw them together as I did today:
Comfortable shoes (gutties for me today!).
Blue striped linen.
A little bit of cashmere
A nice bag in a bright colour.

lazy dressing well worn clothes

These clothes are very old and very well worn… and there’s nothing wrong with that is there?

{Especially as that is how I’m feeling myself!!}

Do you have any old classics you rely on time and time again?
I’d love to hear about them!

TOP: Boden 
SHOES: Adidas
BAG: Bogner… this one looks nice.

lazy dressing well worn clothes

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