Leopard Midi Dress and Cropped Leather. Embarrassing Mums!

leopard midi dress and cropped

I love an outfit that provokes a reaction and this one certainly did that! leopard midi dress and cropped Leather

This particular outfit made my middle daughter cringe and guess what?
I loved it!

leopard midi dress and cropped

Her horrified face made me smile!

In your 40s, the disapproval of your teenage daughter is much like the disapproval of your mum when you were a teen yourself.
If my mum disliked something then it got a big thumbs up from me!
Everything from t-shirts to boyfriends.

If my mum said


I inevitably said


{Whether I meant it or not!}

My daughter is normally forthcoming with her opinions and I do appreciate them, but sometimes getting your daughters approval is not all it’s cracked up to be.
Sometimes a horrified look is all you need to know that you’ve done something right, for yourself.

Style and fashion should never be about the approval of others, only your own happiness.

leopard midi dress and cropped

Today’s look is simple, comfortable and easy to wear.
A classic combination of a midi dress and leather jacket.
Styled a thousand times before by big bloggers and small.

A timeless look that suits all shapes and sizes.
All ages.

An outfit that can be subtly tweaked and modified to suit all tastes.

Mine is a cool leopard dress that I picked up at a local charity shop (of course!)
and my trusty leather jacket.
Worn to death and still going strong!

DRESS: Zara (charity shopped)… 
LEATHER JACKET: Superdry (old)… 
BOOTS: Dr Martens… these are cool!

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