My 6 Essential Body Beauty Products (they might surprise you!)

my 6 essential body beauty

In my bid to cut through the amazing amount of beauty-BS out there, I’m sharing with you my 6 essential beauty products for the body.

These 6 items are ALL I need to wash, treat, de-fuzz and moisturise.
I use them every time I shower (even the razor… more on that later) and my skin is blemish free and smooth all over, even in the traditionally rougher areas like elbows and knees.

I’m not saying this to boast or be show-offy… “Oooo my skin is soft!”
I’ve just had a lot of comments about my skin over the years and have been asked what products I use.

You can also see ‘My 6 (Facial) Beauty Essentials’ HERE.

As I have said in my previous posts, I’m all about peeling back the thick rind of hype and sharing genuinely great products that I buy over and over.
Products that deliver.
No-nonsense items that I wouldn’t want to be without.

For every item I share here I’ve tried countless alternatives.
Some were cheap and cheerful, some ridiculously expensive.

(What WAS I thinking?)

I’ve done the legwork and wasted an unthinkable amount of money in order to get to the nitty-gritty.

The number of products I’ve handed on to friends and family is HUGE.
Embarrassing really.

{I once gave my husband a Decleor gift set that had brought me out in a nasty rash and he used the face cream on his feet!
Hahahahaha… hilarious but not very funny to any Decleor fans out there.}

So today I’m sharing a blog post about genuinely fantastic products that I regularly re-buy.

Products that offer REAL RESULTS.
Products that (in most cases) are cheaper than chips!

My 6 Body Beauty Essentials:

These products are my genuine go-to’s.
My re-buys.
My saviours.
My body’s best friends.

DISCLAIMER: These products work brilliantly for ME.
Which means they might work for you, or they might not.
It’s all down to your skin concerns and needs.

my 6 essential body beauty

 In Shower:

1. Any Good Quality Soap

Soap is back in fashion.

It’s official.

Soap is making a comeback because of it’s eco-credentials.

Personally, I never stopped using it.

I use it to wash my body and shave my bits and bobs.

Any good quality, fine milled soap does a great job.

It smells lovely and leaves my skin clean and soft.

I’ve never been into shower gels.
They don’t last long enough, are easily wasted and are too harsh on my skin… even the ‘gentle’ versions.
Plus, I can’t get a decent lather.

{Quality soap is one of my favourite gifts to receive!}

I’ve tried every type of shower product from gels to creams to milks.
I’ve tried a HUGE number of brands from the supermarket’s own to Chanel.
I’ve tried LOADS of formulations from baby wash to luxurious concoctions.

I always come back to soap because it works.

2. A Flannel

Why bother with anything else when a good old fashioned flannel does it all?
A hygienic way to wash your body.
Perfect to reach nooks and crannies… between toes and behind ears.

The best exfoliator ever!

Cheap and effective.

I’ve tried EVERYTHING from puffs to loofahs to body brushes and I return to this old workhorse every time.

TIP: The thinner the flannel the better.
Forget luxury makes and get the budget option.
Not only do they wash and dry quickly (when doing your laundry) but they are thinner, rougher and less fluffy, therefore easier to use on your body and more effective at exfoliation!

3. A Simple Razor

When it comes to hair removal, I’ve tried it all…

  • Electric razors
  • Epilators (both electric and those funny rods)
  • Depilatory creams and lotions (from the cheap to the silly-priced)
  • Professional waxing
  • Home waxing (Oh lord that was a disaster!!)
  • Sugaring
  • Those hair zapping devices
  • I’m sure there is more but I’ve blocked it out…

You name it and I’ve (probably) given it a go.

I always come back to this…

A simple (two blade) razor.

Every time I stray from the path (and feel the need to spend money) I return to my trusty old friend.

I shave ALL unwanted hair every time I shower even though my hair is fine and light in colour.
I can’t stand those little prickles as the hair comes in AND I like to be ready for any outfit I want to wear at a moment’s notice.
My legs are ready to be in a dress at any time.
I’m even swimsuit ready if you fancy going for a swim!

It’s not for everyone (I’m all for embracing your body hair if that’s your bag) but that’s just how I personally feel comfortable.

For me, a simple razor is quick and easy.
I don’t get any irritation when I shave with my lovely soap and my skin is left super-soft and smooth.
A razor can be used as and when you need it (or want it) and leaves no mess.

{You might want to read more about Awkward Facial Hair HERE.}

4. Neutrogena Face Wash

Wait a minute!
Wasn’t this featured on the 6 Facial Beauty Essentials list?
Erm…. yes it was.

Bear with me though.
It really is a beauty all-rounder.

This face wash (and mask) is so inexpensive that I use it regularly on my body without feeling like I’m being wasteful.
NOT all over (it can be a little drying) but on targeted areas such as between my shoulder blades.
Anywhere that is prone to a little extra oil production.
Anywhere I like to feel squeaky clean.

Get yours HERE.

my 6 essential body beauty

Post Shower:

5. (non-mineral based) Body Oil

I’m a real fan of both facial and body oils.
I love most body oils from the cheapest to the most expensive as long as the oil is one that absorbs well and smells great!

The Bodyshop do nice oils that last for ages (seriously!) but at the moment I’m using an oil from Dr Organic.
It’s lovely but it does run out of the bottle too quickly… the Bodyshop one is better for that.

A few drops goes a long way.

I usually buy whatever oil is on special offer and that I love the smell of.

TIP: Body oils are great if you don’t like the chilling effect of a lotion.
When you rub lotion on your skin the water element of the lotion evaporates and causes a cooling effect on the skin.
If you live in a colder climate or simply dislike that sensation try a body oil.
An altogether more pleasant experience!

As you’ve probably guessed by now I’ve tried MANY body lotions in my time.
From baby lotion to Jo Malone.
Nothing beats a body oil

6. Sanex Roll-On Deodorant

This roll-on is my go-to.
A cheap and cheerful product that is lightweight and effective.
No stickiness.
No aerosol ‘chill’.
No powderiness.
It doesn’t nip (even straight after shaving) and lasts all day.

Why pay more for something that doesn’t work as well?

Are you surprised at how basic my essentials are?

I’d love to know YOUR top 6 body care ‘must-haves’!
Please share in the comments or drop me an email at

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