matching family christmas outfit ideas

Matching Family Christmas Outfit (30 AWESOME Ideas)

Christmas is a very wonderful holiday that encourages us to sit back and have some quality time with our closest friends and family members. There are a lot of fun activities that you can do during this period, such as exchanging gifts, attending church, going out to a restaurant, or watching movies in a cinema. But whatever activities that you are planning, it’s good to think of matching family Christmas outfit ideas to wear!

There are a lot of different matching family Christmas outfit ideas that you can probably think of. If you’re just staying at home, something cozy and warm like sweaters would be great. But think about matching formal clothing when you’re going out to church or restaurants. Either way, it won’t be such a bad idea to take a look at our list of matching family Christmas outfit ideas!

All-Red Outfit


1. All-red Outfit

Red colors are very much associated with Christmas outfits. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to wear an all-red theme for the day. For a fun day at home, you can opt for red pajamas. But if you want something casual, wearing normal long-sleeved red shirts is also advisable. 

Long-Sleeves Outfits

2. Long-Sleeves Outfits

Some matching family Christmas outfit ideas revolved around the idea of having the same theme, not matching colors. Therefore, you can also choose to wear long-sleeved sweaters or shirts during the celebration. After all, it’s freezing cold during this time of the year.

Matching Pajamas

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3. Matching Pajamas

Christmas pajamas are one of the most common and fun ways to dress during Christmas. There are different colors and designs that you can choose for your family, which makes it even more unique. You can find one that suits the style and taste of your family and take a photo beside the Christmas tree to immortalize the warm moment. 

Plaid Aprons

4. Plaid Aprons

During Christmas, you may choose to stay at home and cook your own meal or order it from a restaurant. If you choose the former, plaid aprons will be one of the best matching family Christmas outfit ideas! just make sure to find one that shouts Christmas (hint: find a red and white color!).

Black And White

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5. Black and White

Although Christmas is often associated with bright colors that represent a cheerful spirit, it’s not a bad idea to wear a black and white outfit. Here’s a great idea: parents can wear a black suit and top, while the children are welcome to wear white!

Matching Plaid Outfits For Children


6. Matching Plaid Outfits for Children

Children always look forward to Christmas, and that’s the reason why you should dress them nicely. One of the best matching family Christmas outfit ideas for children is to make them wear plaid outfits. Their coats, sleeves, and shirts will be really colorful as a result of this idea.

Formal Christmas

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7. Formal Christmas

If you’re scheduled to attend a church or an elegant party, then you should think about finding formal outfits as your dress code. If you’re inviting the whole family, then make sure that your clothes match one another. It is a great idea to wear a vest for the male and an elegant gown for the female.

White Shirt, Red Pants

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8. White Shirt, Red Pants

We have mentioned before that there are a lot of matching family Christmas outfit ideas that revolve around pajamas. With this particular idea, you can wear matching red Christmas pajamas and pair them with a casual white t-shirt. It will give out a relaxing vibe that is excellent for Christmas!

White Shirt, Red Hat

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9. White Shirt, Red Hat

Here’s another awesome matching family Christmas outfit idea that takes advantage of white shirts. But rather than using pajamas, you can be a little bit more creative and wear Santa hats instead! Spread joy around the neighborhood with this awesome outfit!

Gold Outfits

10. Gold Outfits

Wearing gold-colored outfits for Christmas is also a great idea. In fact, gold outfits will emanate an elegant and calming vibe. For outdoor activities, you can wear a gold tie (for men) or a gold jumpsuit dress for women. But indoors, gold knitted sweatshirts will be enough.

Dark And Bright

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11. Dark and Bright

Dark and bright really contrast each other. However, they can still match and complement one another. Therefore, you should try wearing a Christmas outfit with this particular combination. Some family members can wear dark outfits (suits and ties), while others may choose to wear lighter tone (midi dresses or pants).

All-Black Outfit

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12. All-Black Outfit

An all-black outfit is a unique and great idea for Christmas, especially if you’re considering a night out with your loved ones. For this style, you can find a nice casual shirt and pair it with black trousers. If you have black sneakers, it will be even better!

Include Black In Your Outfit

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13. Include Black in Your Outfit

An all-black outfit theme may be too dark for some people. Therefore, you can just put a little touch of black in your ensemble. As an example, you can wear a red turtleneck and cover it with a black coat or cardigan. That will result in a much more beautiful variation for your outfit.

Or, Include Blue!

14. Or, Include Blue!

The color blue is also a great idea to put into your dress code. One great idea is to have a blue skirt and pair it with a black t-shirt. Then, your lovely boyfriend or husband can wear a t-shirt (with the color of his choosing) and cover it with a blue shirt!

All-Blue Outfit

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15. All-blue Outfit?

Should you choose to wear a whole outfit made up of blue for Christmas, it probably will be one of the wisest decisions you can make. In fact, you and your lovely baby can wear a nice sleeveless dress, while your partner has the option to balance it with a cool buttoned denim shirt.

Reindeer Family

16. Reindeer Family

Reindeers are used to help Santa in his quest to spread gifts for nice children. If you want to help Santa, why not wear matching reindeer headbands for Christmas? It can be used anywhere and for any parties, because it’ll make you and your families even cuter!

Green And Black

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17. Green and Black

Green is one of the most common colors for Christmas outfits. But if you don’t want your family to look so overly bright, you can balance it with blacks. Therefore, some of you may wear green dresses or shirts, while others can use black suits! It’s truly one of the fanciest matching family Christmas outfit ideas!

Green And Red


18. Green and Red

Green and black can make a family picture look more elegant. But if you want another awesome Christmas outfit idea for the family, make sure that your husband wore a red suit to match your green dress. If you have a son, he can follow his father’s outfit, while a daughter might be a mini you and wear a mini green dress. 

Matching Christmas Socks

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19. Matching Christmas Socks

Christmas PJs aren’t the only fun outfit ideas for a night at home. In fact, you should also pair them with adorable socks! Moreover, you can even find customizable socks that will better fit your foot. Just make sure to make it bright enough to match the spirit of Christmas.

Go Crazy And Fun

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20. Go Crazy and Fun!

Christmas is all about having fun and sharing love with one another. Therefore, you can go to a photoshoot and go crazy by wearing as many fun props, such as glasses and wigs. To match the spirit of Christmas, colorful props will be more welcomed!

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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21. Plaid Blue Outfits

Blue isn’t a common color for a Christmas outfit. However, it doesn’t mean that you should entirely ignore it! In fact, wearing bright blue plaid outfits might be great, especially if you’re going for a casual look. You can even top it off with a nice beret!

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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22. Shirt and Dress

A shirt and dress will be a very beautiful combination for matching family Christmas outfit ideas. it will be perfect for church, photoshoot sessions, or a fancy dining experience. Your son can also wear the same outfit like your husband! And if he wants a little bit more variation, make sure to include a bowtie!

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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23. Black and Plaid Outfits

For a unique Christmas outfit idea, you and your partner can wear a matching black outfit, while your children wear another set of matching plaid shirts! Even though this two aren’t similar, they still match each other. Moreover, your husband can even wear a striped tie that has a similar color to your children’s plaid shirts.

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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24. Three Happy Santa

Dressing up like Santa Claus is also a fun way to celebrate Christmas. But if you’re too embarrassed to wear a full-on Santa outfit, simply wear his hat! For the rest of the ensemble, you can go casual by wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans!

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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25. Go Casual

Going with matching casual outfits for Christmas is nice for a relaxing outdoor activity. Therefore, it’s recommended to find a white, long-sleeved shirt and pair it with blue jeans. The choice is yours to choose between traditional or ripped jeans.

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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26. Light Brown

Light brown might be a little bit unconventional for Christmas, but it definitely shouts elegant in its outfits. A nice idea will be to wear a brown sweatshirt, whereas your husband can wear a nude brown linen suit. It’ll be one of the best matching family Christmas outfit ideas on our list!

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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27. Matching Hoodies

Tired of looking at ideas revolving around matching pajamas? Another alternative will be to wear matching hoodies! For Christmas, we strongly suggest you to wear bright colors like red or green hoodies. Try it out and see for yourselves!

matching family christmas outfit ideas


28. Include All Members!

When you’re dressing up for Christmas, make sure to include all of your family members. Yes, we also meant your cats and dogs. Getting a matching sweater for your dog is also great and cute! Moreover, he/she will definitely feel more comfortable during this cold weather.

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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29. Green-themed Outfits

Green-themed outfit is perfect for this one day of the year. You don’t have to wear an all-green outfit, but make sure to include a touch of green in your ensemble. For example, a green plaid tie may be great to complement your black suit and white shirt!

matching family christmas outfit ideas

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30. Purple Outfits

Our last recommendation for our list of matching family Christmas outfit ideas is to wear purple outfits. Yes, it might be a little bit unorthodox for some people. However, it perfectly resonates with the cheerful vibe of Christmas! For this ensemble, wearing purple suits and pants will be a great idea.

Why Do Families Wear Matching Outfits?

Families wear matching outfits to represent their tight bond and chemistry towards each other. Have you ever seen two people who don’t like each other agree to wear the same outfit? We don’t think so!

Should You Dress Your Kids the Same?

Dressing your kids with the same outfit will be a great idea, as it makes them cuter and more adorable. However, it’s not a crime should you choose not to! Moreover, you shouldn’t force your children to wear matching outfits if they don’t want to. 

Why Do People Wear Matching Outfits?

People wear matching outfits to show to the public that they have a really intimate bond. Matching outfits are meant to represent the chemistry between a group of people. 

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