matching outfits for black couples

Matching Outfits for Black Couples (30 Top List)

Any couple will always look cute when they’re going out and being lovey-dovey. The way they complement each other, take a fun dig, or share food at a romantic restaurant makes you feel jealous, right? But if you truly want a perfect experience with your partner, you probably should try wearing matching outfits for black couples. 

There are many awesome ideas you can entertain regarding matching outfits for black couples. You can choose to wear clothes that have the same color but with different designs. Heck, wearing the same outfit from top to bottom is also a fantastic idea. Getting excited already? Let’s take a look at these matching outfits for black couples.


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Floral pattern or floral lace dress is today’s trend for young girls and adults. This dress is made of good quality lace and sewed with polyester and spandex inside to give a more secure feeling when she wears it. The collar is also designed uniquely to give attraction to our shoulders and add a more mature look, yet still within our real age. Simply tie her hair up with a cute bow and voila! This dress should exist on the list of stunning birthday outfit ideas for a 15 years old girl

Wear Matching Ripped Jeans


2. Wear Matching Ripped Jeans

Matching shirts are great, but you can do better than that. The solution? Wear matching ripped jeans in the same color. Typically, we’re recommending dark-colored ripped jeans. This way, you can wear black shirts (or crop tops) to match the nuance.

Green Tosca Shirts With Jeans

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3. Green Tosca Shirts with Jeans

Due to work commitments, you might not be able to go out with your partner as often as you want. That makes the opportunity to wear matching outfits for black couples limited. That’s why wearing light-colored shirts, like green Tosca, is excellent and unique. To complete the package, wearing comfortable denim jeans is recommended.

Matching Denim Jackets

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4. Matching Denim Jackets

Previously, we have mentioned wearing matching ripped jeans with your couple. But if you want to wear a full-on denim-themed outfit, make sure to include a denim jacket in your ensemble. If you choose to unbutton the jackets, you can add an extra white shirt underneath.

Go Bright

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5. Go Bright

A happy couple will always be in a happy mood. So why not represent that feeling through your outfit color? There are a lot of bright-colored matching outfits for black couples to choose from. One of the best ideas is to wear an all-yellow outfit, starting from the top (shirt or hoodie, your choice!) all the way to the pants and sneakers.

Matching Tracksuits

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6. Matching Tracksuits

There are plenty of activities that you can do with your partner. If you’re not in the mood for a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, why not do some outdoor activities with your loved one? The best outfit for black couples on this occasion will be these matching tracksuits. Most of them will be comfortable enough for any outdoor activities!

Matching Sneakers

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7. Matching Sneakers

People have been spinning their heads around finding great matching outfits for black couples. However, they often neglect one of the most important parts: footwear. Make sure to find unisex sneakers or sandals that you can wear together. Don’t forget to match it with the color of your shirts.

Matching Jackets

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8. Matching Jackets

Wearing jackets is great for a lot of reasons. It will warm you during the winter or provide cover when the rain comes. Besides that, there are a lot of fashionable and stylish jackets that you can wear with your partner. You don’t have to wear the same exact jackets, as long as it has the same color.

Wear Bomber Jackets!

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9. Wear Bomber Jackets!

Bomber jackets are great for those of you who are susceptive to cold weather. If you and your partner like to wear an extra layer of clothes, then finding the perfect matching bomber jackets will be great for you guys. Therefore, you shouldn’t bother finding various matching shirts for different occasions!

Matching Formal Wear


10. Matching Formal Wear

As a couple, you’re required to attend a lot of formal events (not work related) together. Hence, you should also try to find a matching gown and vest. But if that’s too hard to find, don’t worry! You can also concentrate on matching your partner’s necktie with your own gown.

All-Black Outfit

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11. All-Black Outfit

Black outfits are one of the most common go-to styles for many people. Therefore, it seems like a no-brainer to wear matching all-black outfits with your partner. But instead of only wearing black shirts, make sure to complete the package with black shorts, and if possible, black sneakers.

All-Blue Outfit

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12. All-Blue Outfit

If an all-black outfit seems too mainstream for you, then an all-blue combination might suffice! Simply pick up a casual blue shirt and pair it with any denim jeans you got! It doesn’t matter if your partner has a different shirt design, as long as the color matches!

Red And White Combination

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13. Red and White Combination

A color combination of red and white can really enhance somebody’s overall look. That’s the reason why we’re recommending you to try and wear this awesome combination with your partner. You can choose between a shirt or a crop top. For the bottom part, wearing white pull-on pants or ripped jeans would be magnificent.

Mix All Colors!

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14. Mix All Colors!

As you can see in the picture, wearing multi-colored, matching clothes can be one of the best outfits for black couples. It will definitely produce a cheerful vibe for people around you. Do you know what’s better? Top it off with a beanie hat that matches one of the colors in your shirt!

Matching Ankara Outfit


15. Matching Ankara Outfit

Ankara is a traditional African fashion style of clothing. It is really perfect for those of you who’re looking to wear matching outfits for formal events or occasions. There are a lot of awesome Ankara pairings, such as a suit and long dress or suit and jumpsuit.

Different Color, Same Graphic


16. Different Color, Same Graphic

Most of you must have thought that wearing matching outfits for black couples should require clothes that feature the same color. Fortunately, that’s not entirely true. As a matter of fact, you can also wear identical shirts with different colors but with the same picture or design printed on them!

Matching Crop Top And Shirt

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17. Matching Crop Top and Shirt

If you want to go casual, you can ask your loved one to wear a simple shirt for a casual stroll. But if you don’t feel like it, wearing a crop top that has the same color would be great. To balance it, both of you can wear casual black pants that are comfortable for a morning or afternoon walk.

Stylistic Basketball Jerseys

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18. Stylistic Basketball Jerseys

Wearing matching basketball jerseys can be a great couple outfit idea. Plus, you two can add your favorite player’s name on the back of the jersey. Wearing one doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out shooting for hoops. It’s simply because they look fantastic when paired with trousers or short pants.

Add A Shirt Underneath The Jersey!

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19. Add a Shirt Underneath the Jersey!

Here’s another fantastic idea for you: adding a shirt underneath your matching basketball jerseys. It will be great for various reasons. Aside from making you look more awesome, it will also protect you from bad weather like the extreme sun or during the cold winter.

Jersey And Jeans


20. Jersey and Jeans

Soccer (or football) jerseys are also great to wear as matching outfits for black couples. Besides that, they usually have sleeves to cover some part of your arms, which makes it a more sensible option for a night out in the mall. Try to pair it with jeans, and you’re ready to go!

matching outfits for black couples


21. Matching Hoodies with Quotes

Wearing matching hoodies with the same color is great, but it’s nothing sensational. Therefore, you can try wearing one that also has complementing quotes. Complementing quotes will look weird if you go out by yourself, but it will look cute when combined together with your partner.

matching outfits for black couples

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22. Black Outfits and Yellow Crocs

Try to wear something out of the box? Well, contrasting footwear to complement your overall outfit will be a nice idea to entertain. For example, you can wear an all-black outfit and finish the ensemble with yellow crocs or sneakers. That will certainly put the focus on your foot, should that be your objective.

matching outfits for black couples

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23. Gym Shirt and Yoga Jumpsuit

Going for a workout in a gym with your couple seems like a nice idea. Therefore, you should also consider wearing matching outfits for the occasion. If that’s the case, you could consider wearing outfits of the same color. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same type either (i.e.: you can wear a yoga jumpsuit while your partner uses a regular shirt.

matching outfits for black couples

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24. Tracksuit and Hoodie

Tracksuits are very similar to hoodies. The only noticeable difference is the lack of an integral hood and a kangaroo pocket on a tracksuit. That’s the reason why wearing a matching tracksuit and hoodie will also be a great couple outfit idea. If you wear a black outfit, make sure to pair it with black trousers too.

matching outfits for black couples


25. Blue and White Combination

There are a lot of color combinations that you can play around with. One of the best color combinations that work for both genders is the blue-white combination. If you choose to entertain this idea, you can find a light blue top and combine it with a short white skirt.

matching outfits for black couples

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26. White and Blue Combination

You know what? Try and switch the blue-white color combination once in a while. The result will be as magnificent as the former idea. This time, you can choose to wear white tops in the form of sleeveless shirts or crop tops. Complete the set with denim short jeans!


27. Matching Swimsuits

Going to a beach or swimming pool is fun, especially if your loved one accompanies you. Therefore, make sure to wear matching outfits for black couples in the form of these fun swimsuits. You can choose to wear a bikini that closely resembles the color and pattern of his swimming pants!

matching outfits for black couples

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28. Black Shirt and Training Pants

Wearing this particular combo could be one of the best matching outfit ideas for black couples. After all, a black shirt and training pants are great for casual fashion. Besides that, you can also wear this during a workout or a fun night at the club.

matching outfits for black couples


29. Green Sportswear

When going out for a morning outdoor activity, you must ensure that your outfit is eye-catching and fashionable. Therefore, wearing bright-colored shirts and pants isn’t a bad idea. One color that might be perfect for the occasion is green. Now, you can jog around the complex with style and comfort.

matching outfits for black couples


30. Any Bottom Wear Will Do!

Our last matching outfits for black couples idea is pretty flexible. This time, you can choose to wear any kind of bottom wear with any color of your preference. However, ensure that you have a pair of matching shirts with a similar design. It will look cute when you’re wearing them at the same time!

Why Do Couples Like to Wear Matching Outfits?

Couples like to wear matching outfits to show the public about their feelings towards each other. It’s also meant to symbolize how coordinated they both are. Besides that, it looks really cute and awesome!

How Do You Pair a Black Outfit?

You can pair a black outfit with a black bottomwear. To complete the set, you can also wear dark sneakers to match the mood. But if you want people to notice your footwear, then make sure to wear bright-colored sneakers.

Can You Wear Black with Black?

Yes, you can wear black with black as your outfit. Due to the fact that black isn’t technically a color, it makes perfect sense to pair any color with black.

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