More Athleisure for Grown-ups! Sportswear in Real Life.

more athleisure for grown

The term Athleisure is everywhere just now, but it can be hard to pull off.
Joggers can easily be unflattering, especially if your figure is falling short of perfect…. and whose isn’t?

{I can easily look squared off, flat bummed and a little like an ironing board!}

Sportswear can also make you look like you are heading off the the gym, or you couldn’t be bothered to get dressed today.

more athleisure for grown

As someone who (almost) always puts comfort first, joggers seem like a great choice.

have attempted the full-on athleisure look HERE, and loved the comfort….
BUT, prefered THIS smarter sports-luxe look (my feet disagreed though!).

Unfortunately, the shell-suit-esque feel of the full athleisure look made me want something a little more grown-up, and dare I say “Chic?”
Can athleisure ever look chic?

more athleisure for grown

The easiest way to smarten up a pair of joggers is to add a pair of heels.
They don’t need to be uncomfortable (like these killer heels) a little bit of height can work wonders!
These shoes are smart but still reasonably comfortable to wear.
Plus… they match my hair!

{See this post where I do a little more ‘bookending’}

more athleisure for grown

Mixing accessories like a sporty bag with a non-sporty necklace keeps things interesting.

A smarter jacket, teal sunglasses and a soft scarf, finishes things off nicely.

Does your figure suit joggers or structureless trousers?
How would you style these trousers?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

JOGGERS: George… these are cool!
UNDER-TOP: Uniqlo… similar.
GREEN TOP: Windsmoor (Charity shop)… this one is lovely!
JACKET: White Stuff (Charity shop…again!)… this one is beautiful.
SCARF: A gift…similar.
NECKLACE: From a Friend… this one is nice.
SHOES: c/o JD Williams…similar.
BAG: Urban Country

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