Mixing Stripes | Spring Style, over 40.

mixing stripes navy white

More stripes for spring!

Mixing stripes is such an easy way to mix prints.
Mixing a thick stripe with a thin stripe (HERE) or multi-sized stripes (like THIS POST) works well.
Or you can switch the colours, like I have done in this outfit.

A simple maxi skirt and long-sleeved top make an interesting combination, and also hide my cosy thermal layers.

Adding this leather top (that I recently customised with eyelets and ribbon) offers some colour and a different texture.
Leather is also surprisingly warm…. thank goodness!

{At this point my youngest was wondering why I was wearing a high visibility tabard… funny because my husband had said the same when I wore this previously!
See that post HERE…the cheek!!}

mixing stripes navy white

I have to tell you that it is NOT even the slightest bit warm here today.
Yes, it is sunny but don’t let that fool you!
It’s a measly 9 degrees and we had snow blowing through the wind.
So these bare toes may come as a surprise to you.

{The bareness came as quite a surprise to them too!}

mixing stripes navy white

However, the lovely people at Vionic had sent me these sandals a couple of months ago, and I have not yet had a chance to wear them.
We had some ’15 degree days’ but overall things have been on the chilly side.

It has been gloriously sunny though, so no real complaints from me.

{See THIS POST with bare legs and more secret layers}

Anyway (icy toes aside) the sandals themselves are comfortable and supportive.
They will be brilliant for wearing all day when the heat finally creeps up here and (of course) perfect for holidays!

{I wore them around the house for a few hours to test them out, but even that was too much for my cold tootsies to bear. Toe post sandals and wooly socks don’t really work do they? 😬}

So, pretty and comfortable as they are, I had to change them for some fleecy lined red gutties to go out and about.

The golden sunny glow was generously provided by a big reflector, with a gold cover on it.
A warm glow?
Not on your Nelly!!

TOP: I can’t remember….I cut out the labels as they scratched!… this one is similar.
LEATHER TOP: London market… this one could look very cool.
SKIRT: Boden…. similar
SANDALS: c/o Vionic
GLASSES: Primark…. these are lovely!
EARRINGS: H&M… these are pretty.
CLUTCH: Tkmax… similar.

Are you mixing stripes this season, or any other patterns?

Please let me know in the comments.

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