More Festive Outfit Fakery! Lurex to the rescue….

more festive outfit fakery

I’m on a mission this week to amp up the festivities and get well into the spirit of Christmas… Despite still feeling pretty rough.
{cough cough cough!!}

There have been some nasty bugs going around, and I think I’ve got off lightly compared to others so I can’t really complain.
However, being ill is still annoying!
I think it’s particularly hard at this time of year when we are super-duper-busy and there’s no letup.
Especially true for anyone who has to work over the season, or entertain large numbers…. or both!

There’s just NO time for a sniffle or a bug, is there?

more festive outfit fakery

Unfortunately, most of us just have to suck it up and get on with things.
So, in the spirit of Monday’s ‘Faking a Festive Outfit’, I’m continuing on the theme of looking like I’m totally committed to celebrating the spirit of Christmas without compromising on comfort or cosiness.
AND… not resorting to a novelty Christmas jumper.
I’m just not a fan.
See how not to look like an idiot in a Christmas jumper HERE.

Today, I’m using all of the tips from the original ‘3 ways to fake a festive outfit’ and doing the same again.
{Taking my own advice for once! 😝}

A touch of red. 🎅
A (heavy) sprinkle of lurex. ✨
A nod to the season with a subtle piece of Christmassy jewellery. ⛄⛄

more festive outfit fakery

I’m layered up here too, which is exactly what I need when I feel a bit ropey.
Being chilly is NOT an option!
And what better way to fake wellness (and festive cheer) than to wear a red lipstick?

Are you and your family feeling well this week?
Or, has the lurgy caught up with you?
Please let me know by leaving a comment.

I hope all are well where you are.
If not, get better soon!

JUMPER: French Connection… this one is nice…. this one is similar to mine but white. I really like it!
BAG: River Island… this one is a beauty! This one is more budget-realistic.
UNDER TOP: Uniqlo… this one is nice.
SHOES: Lotus

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