Why it’s Okay to Ignore your Blog!

why its okay to ignore

Blogging can be all-consuming can’t it?
It can be the first thing you think about in the morning, and the last thing to think about at night.
Blogging can take over your life…

Checking, deleting and replying to emails.
Reading and answering comments.
Keeping on top of social media.
{Groan…. find out why I don’t like social media HERE}
Planning outfits (or whatever you blog about)… if you’re a planner!
Taking photos.
Editing photos.
Writing your posts.
Sharing your posts.
Reading other blogs.
Joining linkies.
No wonder we get burnt out.

{Find out how much of your life is taken over by blogging… HERE
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Blogging is great fun, and very rewarding, BUT it’s SO important to take a break now and again.

Don’t get bogged down with your blog!

It’s pays to chill out and take a breather from the breakneck speed of life, especially at this frantic time of year.

Despite what you might read elsewhere (blog everyday, or 5 times a day if you can!!) and despite what you may fear (my readers will all go away!!) your blog won’t stop just because you take a break.

Yes, you may fall a little behind on social media or with replying to comments, but it doesn’t really matter!
Take a break and come back stronger.

This weekend I’ve been away with a group of girlfriends to a spa hotel and it was wonderful!
I left my phone in my room and detoxed from tech.
Utter bliss.
Floating in the pool.
Detoxing in the steam room.
Lying on a lounger watching the sunrise.

Ahhh…. that’s better!
Now I feel relaxed and refreshed.
Ready for the next challenge.

Do you take a regular blogging break?
Do you ever turn off all tech, and do a device detox?
Please let me know by leaving a comment.
I’d love to hear from you.

why its okay to ignore

Last week Andrea really caught my eye with her red white and blue outfit.
It’s colourful, bold and casual and not my style at all, but I still love it on her.

You can tell Andrea really loves this look too,  as she is smiling from ear to ear.
This outfit reminded me how different we all are, and why it’s a great thing!

Check out her original post HERE

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