One Grey Sheer Tunic Shirt, 3 Ways | # PPP 5

one grey sheer tunic shirt

This post is the fifth, in a series, called the Ping Pong Posts.

See the first post here, with details of how this project came about, and how far these clothes have travelled.

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a sheer, grey blouse.

This blouse belongs to Anna, and I have to admit that I found it enormously difficult to style.
{Even more than my usual PPP-panic!}
Styling someone else’s clothes can be very hard.

There were a whole host of hurdles to overcome before I could wear this shirt:

  • I can’t wear this blouse on it’s own, because the stiff shoulders sit oddly on my frame.
  • I don’t like the nehru (or mandarin?) collar. I have no idea why.
  • The colour is leaving me cold… no pun intended!
  • The little buttons and loops are nice, but the shape is unforgiving on my frame when buttoned up.
  • The blouse is the wrong size (and shape) for me.
  • Belted, the stiff fabric sticks out at odd angles and looks silly.
  • The sleeves are an awkward length (I have quite long arms) so they’re neither long, nor cropped on my limbs.
  • The fabric is too sheer, too stiff and just not ‘me’.

Anna certainly knows how to pick a challenging piece!

But, that is the point of all of this isn’t it?
Showing how different (and difficult) items can be tweaked, styled and made to work for different women with different personal styles.

one grey sheer tunic shirt

I decided to bite the bullet, and keep with the ‘cool’ colour theme.
Teaming the silver-grey blouse with a lilac vest top.
Nice and simple.

The blouse is quite voluminous, so I needed a neat shape on my bottom half.
Skinny jeans were the obvious (and easy) choice.

Once I had taken my black skinny jeans out of the wardrobe the rest of the look fell easily into place.
These old jeans make anything feel like it’s more me, and this shirt was no exception.
As I could not wear it buttoned up, or belted, or open (like a duster) I decided to layer it under a neat denim waistcoat.
The waistcoat nips the blouse in, slightly, and gives some shape back to my body.
I needed roll the sleeves up (because of the awkward length) this helped give the illusion of shape too.

one grey sheer tunic shirt

Adding a necklace, bangle and studded belt gave the outfit some more interest and pulled the grey and blue together.
My oversized fringed bag, and grey strappy sandals, finished my look off nicely.

After all of the problems this shirt posed, I thought I would be disappointed with the finished look…
But, I have to admit to really liking the end result!
Sometimes we surprise ourselves, don’t we?

However, after having said, that I am still quite happy to parcel this shirt up for it’s return journey to the Isles of Scilly.
It is much more at home with it’s rightful owner.

Thank you Anna, for such a great challenge!

TOP: Wallis (Anna’s)


SHOES: All Saints
JEANS & BAG: Topshop
VEST: JohnnieB
Necklace, Rings, Earrings and Bangle: Various gifts and vintage pieces.

Anna from Anna’s Island Style

one grey sheer tunic shirt

Anna is the owner of this tricky piece.
See how the sleeves seem to fit her frame (no rolling required!)
She has used the shirt as a tunic, over cropped white trousers, and a vest top.
Simple and chic.
Her outfit seems more metallic, silvery and summery and the blouse goes beautifully with her fair hair.
Great job!

{I love how the wooden background matches her outfit too!}

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Tunic & Trousers: Wallis
Shoes: Bebbou
Vest: H&M
Belt & Rings: Charity shop
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann has taken this shirt and turned it on it’s head … quite literally!
She has taken this item and made it fit her life.
Turning it into sexy beachwear in an instant.
She never fails to surprise me.
Cut-offs and a DIY boob tube, over 40?

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We made it.

This (for me) was the most challenging item to date!

I wonder what on earth will happen next month?

How would you have styled this blouse?
Open or closed?
Layered or on it’s own?

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