7 Ways to Look Cool (at Work) when it’s Hot.

ways to look cool

What is it about the hot, summer, weather that makes some (normally chic and elegant) people turn into a crumpled (and sweaty) mess?

Their normal daily ‘uniform’ of: chic dresses, great shoes, stylish separates and fabulous jackets, steps aside to make way for: badly fitting sandals, shapeless dresses, unflattering linen trousers and equally crumpled shirts.

Summer can be hot and uncomfortable, yes, but there is no need to lose sight of your personal style, or your love of fashion.

The work environment can be the most difficult to negotiate stylishly, in Summer, but don’t panic…

7 Easy ways to look cool (and stay cool) at work, in Summer.

1. If your job allows you to wear sandals, do it!

Enjoy the freedom, but avoid anything too beachy, strappy or casual.
There are plenty of professional looking sandals out there, like these, or these.

2. Forget about ‘plastic’ shoes.

Unless you are a vegetarian, leather is always a better option in hotter weather.
It is breathable and moulds to fit your foot.
Good quality leather does not rub, and you will be comfortable all day long.
Sweaty (and smelly) feet sliding around in ‘pleather’ shoes are disgusting.

3. Avoid the obvious Summer fabrics, like linen and 100% cotton.

Yes, linen and cotton are classic summer fabrics BUT they crumple too easily.
(Unless of course the “I slept in this outfit” is the look you are aiming for! :oP)
If you really love the look of linen (or crisp cotton) try to get a blended fabric.
This gives you the look, without the creasing.

4. Step away from polyester!

Polyester is awful in the summer.
There is no getting away from the fact that;
Polyester Clothes + Body Heat = Sweaty and Smelly.
Even if you are not a particularly sweaty person, polyester can make you smell.
An unfortunate fact.

5. Wear antiperspirant.

Even in breathable, natural or high-tech wicking fabrics, antiperspirant is a very good idea!
A light spritz of fresh perfume is also wonderful on a hot day.

6. Keep your undies cool and comfortable. 

Choose wicking fabrics, or natural yarns, like cotton or silk.
{Now is not the time for tight shapewear}
If you need to wear hosiery (for personal or professional reasons) chose the best quality you can afford, and pick a colour close to your natural skin colour.
Faking a lighter (or darker) colour using tights, looks silly.

7. Take an emergency ‘freshen up’ kit with you, including:

  • Cooling facial spray (like this one)
  • Deodorant/antiperspirant (this one is tough) 
  • Mini perfume (a light and fresh scent is best)
  • Wipes (these work well to freshen up sweaty armpits and feet!)
ways to look cool

Here, I am doing a little bit of pattern mixing (3 patterns) in tones of beige and grey.
Muted colour palettes can make the mixing of patterns easier.
{See this post on how to mix patterns}

This skirt is a favourite of mine (see it here, with the same shoes) and it gets a lot of use.
It is lightweight, but lined, so it’s perfect for hot weather.
There is no cling, squeeze or crumpling of the fabric.

Because this skirt’s hemline is quite short and my legs are bare (well, almost) I have chosen to wear a pair of covered shoes.
I think a fully covered shoe looks a little smarter, with a short skirt, than a sandal.

I am lucky that my feet never sweat (honestly) so a closed shoe is something I can wear comfortably in hotter weather.
These pointed snake print ballet flats have a nice low vamp and seem to go with everything.
Maybe snake print is another neutral, after all?

{I must mention that, as I am typing this, it is raining heavily outside and down to 16 miserable degrees. The weather is Scotland is so changeable.}

ways to look cool

This top is a mixed fabric, that never creases, and is nice and loose around the tops of my arms (and my armpits).
Perfect for a potentially sweaty day.

However, this top is quite an awkward colourway, that does not really match or ‘go’ with anything.
The only thing to do in a situation like this is to make it go with (or in this case, clash with) other items.

I picked out the cream and beige in the top with my skirt.
Using a neutral (but distinctive) necklace to make the lighter shades and the shapes blend together.
My patent grey bag helped make the top fit in a little more.

A pair of giant sunglasses finished my look off nicely.



TOP: Jacqui-E… this one would look great
SKIRT: Luxzuz, this one is pretty.
TIGHTS: Walford
NECKLACE: Oliva Bonas…this one, with blue, is beautiful!
SHOES: Topshop…these are cute.

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