Pick One Positive Thought…

pick one positive thought

This week has been a whirlwind of different emotions and experiences and I’m sure your normal week involves something very similar…

For me, it was the serious worry about a family member’s health.
An annoying eBay issue I had to deal with.
The feeling of gratitude that I’ve reached my 44th Birthday (that was on Friday).
A tedious (and unnecessary) work issue.
Oh, and what felt like 100 other thoughts floating about too.
My brain has been up, down and round the doors this week!

I’m sure your week has involved plenty of ups and downs too.
Some minor, maybe some not so minor.
No wonder we often feel frazzled.

It’s good to pause, take stock and focus on one simple thing.

Focus on one positive thought to take into the week ahead.

pick one positive thought

Each Sunday night I like to take stock of my week and try and put any negativity behind me.
I feel like each week is a fresh start and thinking about something positive helps me to move forward with ease.

Last week my positive thought was to find the bright side of every problem and put things into perspective.
This week I’m going to do something kind every day, with no other motive than for my own enjoyment!

I’d love for you to share a positive vibe you would like to take into your new week.
Whether it’s something silly (and simple) like spending an extra 5 minutes doing nothing every day… or enjoying a brew in total silence.
Or, it might be something more serious… like starting that big project you’ve been putting off.

Whatever it is I’d love to hear all about it!

pick one positive thought

Last week the lovely Jodie wrote a post about her family connection and it reminded me of how lucky I am to have certain relationships in my life.
Love and support doesn’t always have to come from family members.
Friends can be just a special.
Read her full post HERE… and check out some of the fashion choices back in the day!

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