What’s Wrong with Going Grey?

whats wrong with going grey

Going grey… what’s the fuss all about?

Why is it such a big deal?

How come getting your hair coloured a ‘trendy’ grey is super-cool but rocking a ‘natural’ grey is somehow distasteful?

And before you say…

“Hang on a minute Sam, going grey is cool.
There are plenty of people doing it … and rocking it!”

I totally agree!
There are older bloggers, celebrities and models with grey hair.
There are also plenty of younger women going grey with sass.
BUT, for the most part (unless your hair has an all-over even icy tone) grey hair is frowned upon by society.

Grey hair is seen as somehow a little grubby.
Grey hair is associated with getting old and past it.
Letting your hair go grey means you’ve probably given up on looking nice.
You’ve just let yourself go.

Hmm… Why the hell should it!?

Why do we feel like we’ve got to apologise for (or justify) our greying hair?
Why do we make excuses for it…

“I’m allergic to the dye / my scalp is irritated / I’m fed up with the hasstle, mess, expense….. blah blah blah.”

Who are we kidding on?
As if dying our hair is fooling anyone anyway.

Everyone knows that if you are over a certain age that head of glossy brown locks is anything but natural.
As for the ‘natural’ blondes out there… come on ladies we all know what’s really going on.

So WHY do we do it??

Why do we put chemicals on our hair… and into our water?
Why do we find it so hard to be who we really are?

Well, it’s not our fault!!
We have been conditioned (since we were little girls) into thinking that ‘young’ is best.
Culture/Media/society puts enormous pressure on women to stay young forever… and makes a FORTUNE from it!


And it’s not fair!!

How come men get to be older, grey (and even balding) and end up looking distinguished, learned, dashing… and just as sexy (sometimes even more so) than their younger self!
Whereas we women just get old?
Where’s the justice in that?

I’m thinking of letting my grey come through and plan on going with it for now and seeing how it looks.

Or (more importantly) how I feel about it.

My hairdresser assures me that my grey will just blend and lighten my natural colour.
I’m not so sure.
I still feel the pressure to colour it.
I’m not sure why.

I’m *disappointed with myself for even thinking like that! (*shakes head)

Please let me know your thoughts on this subject.
I’d love to hear your opinion.

I’d love to hear your grey hair stories.
Are you a die-hard dyer?
Are you embracing your natrual beauty?

OR… do you want to give up the bottle but can’t face the consequences?

No more faffing about… Let’s get linking!

Last week the link up went all weird, so I’m hoping this week works a little better.
Thank you for linking up last time, if you could manage it!
Apologies if you couldn’t.

The lovely Jennie caught my eye last week, especially her fabulous ‘do’.
Her grey colour looks like one of the on-trend toners (unless Jennie is super-lucky!) but it just goes to show how cool a trendy cut can look with a grey colour!

whats wrong with going grey

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