Playing Dress Up Quarantine Style

playing dress up quarantine style

Somedays call for a little dress up!
Today is one of those days. playing dress up quarantine style.

My hair is BADLY needing cut.
My roots are dire.
I’m going brassy.😳
My skin is parched.
My exercise routine is nonexistent.
I feel a bit of a mess.

In this situation what can be done?

playing dress up quarantine style

There is only one thing for it.
Ditch the joggers and dress up a little!

This calls for a (slightly OTT) dress and a ‘creative’ updo.

{DISCLAIMER: This is not a creative updo at all. It’s a scabby little bun and a headband.}

This dress is a little over-the-top to lounge around in, BUT why not?
I’ve no events to attend, for the foreseeable future, so today’s ‘date’ with a bottle of wine and a book deserves some special attention.

Of course, I’ve not compromised on comfort here either.
Everything in this outfit is comfortable and ‘loungable’ in.

{I swapped out the boots for flip flops in real life, but they far too sloppy looking for these photos… even by my standards!}

This ended up being a comfortable and surprisingly practical outfit for a spot of garden sitting and book reading.
Perfect for a rare weekend in the Scottish sun.

playing dress up quarantine style

DRESS: Old Topshop
TOP: Charity shopped a few years ago
NECKLACE: Very old
GLASSES: Very old
EARRINGS: Old (a gift)

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