Red, Black & White…Culottes, Boots & Tights!

red black white culottes

After struggling with culottes (when they came back into fashion a couple of years ago) I am now embracing them…. big style!
Granted, the “on-trend” length is a little longer than it was (more like gaucho trousers) and maybe that’s why I like them more in 2017.
You might even say I’m a little bit in love with them!

red black white culottes

So, as the weather changes here in Scotland, I still want to enjoy wearing my beloved culottes.
BUT… It’s getting chilly!
Far too chilly for flapping fabrics and exposed skin.

Scottish autumn days and bare legs are rarely a comfortable combination.
We’re tough up here, but not that tough!

red black white culottes

I tried wearing my culottes with a culotte slip and cycling shorts but as it cools down further this becomes less and less practical.

Eventually I need to dig out something warmer!

For me, tights are always an easy answer.
Whether it’s with skirts, dresses, shorts OR culottes.
Tights are a great way to add warmth, colour and interest to your look.

The only problem with wearing tights, and something flowing (like a fuller skirt, or the culottes I’m wearing here) is the dreaded cling factor.
Unwanted static is unsightly and horrible.
See a post about cling and share my embarrassment HERE.

The answer is simple…. my culotte slip comes to the rescue, again!
Money well spent.

Once the freeze-factor was sorted the rest of the outfit was easy.
A ruffle-neck sheer blouse under a fluffy red jumper was both cosy and (according to the magazines) bang on trend.
Aren’t I a clever clogs?
Erm?…. Nope, not really!
Just looking out some old favourites.

Our ‘Old’ clothes just keep coming back into fashion again and again, don’t they?

We all know red is big news this AW17/18 and it’s one of my favourite colours.
So bold and powerful.
Perfect for any occasion where you want to look (and feel) in control, confident and sexy.
(Even in a baggy jumper! 😝 )

There’s a red out there to suit everyone.

As my outfit was beginning to get quite bold, I toned things down (a smidge) with a mushroom coloured coat and black boots.
Plain and neutral.

(Well, the boots are chunky and patent BUT they’re plain and black… neutral enough for me!)

A subtle(ish) houndstooth bag, and a couple of pins, finished things off nicely.

Do you have any ‘cheats’ up your sleeve when it comes to transitioning your summer favourites into Autumn?
Please share in the comments… I’d love to give them a go!

How do YOU feel about culottes?
Do you love the ‘Culotte & Ankle Boots’ trend that is everywhere this season?
OR, are you sitting this one out?

I always love hearing your thoughts, but if you don’t want to leave a comment, don’t worry… you can always Contact Me HERE.

CULOTTES: River Island… these striped ones are cool.
JUMPER: River Island (Charity shopped)… love this one!
BLOUSE: Oasis… similar.
BAG: c/o Lotus
COAT: M&S (old)… similar.
BOOTS: Vagabond

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