Why do You Dress Like That? I Don’t Like it!

why do you dress

“Why do you sometimes dress like a women, then the next day a teenage boy?
Why don’t you just pick one style and stick to it?!”

This interesting question was asked of me recently.

I MUST add at this point that this was said in good-humour, by someone without any malice.
They were genuinely curious, and trying to understand us complicated female creatures!
(Especially those of us who like to dress a little bit differently)

I took no offence to the question….but it did get me thinking about expectations.

Our expectations of ourselves.
AND… other people’s expectations of us.

When we start to push 40 (or roll down the other side, gathering speed) some people may expect us to grown up, and start dressing like sensible women.

There is a MAJOR problem with this though.
No matter how old I am (or look) I never feel old, so these so-called grown up and sensible clothes leave me cold!

I’m not ready to grow up when it comes to fashion, and I’m certainly NOT ready to give up when it comes to my style choices.
In fact, I’m not ready to give up on anything!

  • Give up on acting daft, laughing and being a bit silly? …No thanks!
  • Give up on taking risks and trying new things? Maybe later…. When I’m pushing up the daises!
  • Give up on style, and having fun with fashion? Hahahaha… not any time soon.
  • Give up on self expression, and pushing my own boundaries?…Erm? Not on your nelly!

Being over 40 is (for me) the perfect time to be silly, act the goat, take a few risks and have fun with life (including your fashion choices).
If not now then when?
What are you waiting for?

why do you dress

Today’s outfit confused a few more people than my questioning friend.

I think it was mostly because of the mixture of “joggers” and “proper shoes”.

Someone else asked me….

“Why aren’t you wearing those joggers with trainers.
(Laughing) “They’re actually dress trousers.”
“Oh…are they? They look like trackie bottoms.”
“I know, cool eh?”
“Did you realise they looked like joggies?”
“Yes, I was there when I bought them you know!” (laughing again)
“BUT why are you wearing them with shoes (brogues)?”
“Because I like how they look together.”
“Oh….Right….Okay then…Erm….I don’t like it.”
“That’s okay, I’ll not make you wear them!”

As you have probably guessed by now, I am VERY rarely offended….. in fact, I can’t remember the last time I felt hurt by someone’s opinion of me, or my style choices, so this conversation made me smile…. and inspired this post!

why do you dress

I really like the look of these trousers, and they are the only black trousers I own.
Do they even count as black trousers with this stripe?….I’m not sure.
However, they are as far as I am prepared to go down the black trouser road!

I love the way these trousers look with heels AND my white brogues.
This look might not be for everyone, but they certainly float my boat.

I also really like the way they look with a crew neck jumper, and a leather jacket.
AND… how I want to look today!

Do you ‘chop and change’ when it comes to your fashion and style choices?
Or, do you have a specific style that you stick to?

Please let me know by leaving a comment.
I would love to hear your opinion on this!

JACKET: c/o Hidepark
SHOES: Aldo… these are so cool!
BAG: Barbour
JUMPER: Vintage Cashmere
TROUSERS: Next… similar…. these are lovely!


I had a few technical issues last week so I am unable to feature my favourite post.
Apologies for that, but I promise to have a proper rummage around this week’s posts!

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