Red Navy BOLD stripes Autumn Capsule Outfit

red navy bold stripes autumn

I’m back in my red navy bold stripes Autumn Capsule Wardrobe here…. and no cheating involved this time! red navy bold stripes autumn capsule outfit

red navy bold stripes autumn

This outfit proves that a capsule does NOT need to be neutral, plain and dull.
Capsule-based outfits can be colourful and even bold!

red navy bold stripes autumn

This skirt is a statement in itself and needs minimal ‘primping and preening’ in order to make an interesting outfit.

(See it previously HERE, HERE and HERE)

So today I simply added navy tights and these fab booties to my bottom half, and a blue shirt on top.
A belt and brooches were all the “extras” I needed to feel pulled together.

Outfits should be easy, shouldn’t they?

This is such a comfortable, and ‘appropriate’ outfit.
When I say appropriate, I mean occasion appropriate of course…. nothing to do with age!
In fact, I think this is a pretty ageless look.

What do you think?

BOOTS & BAG: c/o Lotus
SHIRT: La Redoute
BELT: Vintage

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