It’s OK to Cheat (sometimes)

its ok to cheat sometimes

We all do it from time to time don’t we?

I’m not talking about the BIG stuff here, where people get hurt, damage done or laws broken…I’m talking about the little things.
The silly things.
The things that don’t really matter.
Whether it’s out of laziness, or just mischievousness, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves can we?
Well, it’s impossible to be perfectly behaved all of the time! 😇 …😈

its ok to cheat sometimes

Today I’m a big cheat and loving it!
But don’t worry, nothing serious…
It’s just this outfit was supposed to be created entirely from my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe pieces BUT I couldn’t resist doing a little swapsie.

Oh dear.
Can you spot it?

its ok to cheat sometimes

My ‘cheat’ pieces are this green bag … oh, and the checked scarf (oops).
I know it should have been easy just to grab a bag from the capsule BUT this bag was calling my name.
“Pick ME Sam!”
I couldn’t resist.

However, I’m not ALL bad… These culottes are part of my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe and I’m so glad I chose them.
They are very comfortable, versatile and plenty of fun to wear!

An eye catching pattern (👀) in black and white goes with just about everything.
They also have that satisfying swish factor.

Pulling other pieces together from the capsule was easy and effortless.
Especially these heeled brogues.
I love them.

{My husband calls them my “Nanny McPhee” shoes… cheeky!}

CULOTTES: River Island
JUMPER: John Smedley
BAG: Osprey
SCARF: Vintage
SHOES: Clarks
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine

Now it’s Over to You…

Last Week the gorgeous Trina turned my head with her post about a particular pair of SHOES…. See them HERE.
I am a huge shoe lover so it’s not surprising at all!

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