Restyle your Shopping Mistakes.

restyle your shopping mistakes denim

Shopping mistakes…we all make them!

Do you ever buy things that end up hanging (unworn) in your wardrobe?
Do you ever waste money on clothes that you never wear, and just end up revisiting those ‘old faithfuls’ day in and day out?

If the answer is yes then don’t worry, you are not alone!
Far from it.
Most of us have had a few (read: a lot!) of shopping mistakes.

I am VERY guilty of succumbing to that moment of shopping madness…
Where I see an item on the mannequin (or on a 6 foot model in a glossy magazine) and fall in love.

The price may be right (or not!).
The quality is there (sometimes).
It’s cool, it’s funky and I LOVE it!
Resistance is futile….Buy buy BUY!!!

restyle your shopping mistakes denim

Then comes the guilt…

We get home and that shopping high is quickly replaced by a sinking feeling of guilt.
The shame of realising your shiny new item is all wrong.
An expensive (and embarrassing) mistake.
Do you hide yours in the bottom of the wardrobe?
I have mine hanging, tags swinging…mocking me.
Curses to my gullibility!

It’s just wrong.

Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on what is wrong with your new purchase..
Maybe it’s the wrong fit, the wrong cut, the wrong fabric or just too revealing and uncomfortable.
Whatever the issue, it hangs in the wardrobe for weeks/months/years…
{Delete as appropriate to your hoarding tendencies}

Then, finally, you give in to the shame, and donate it (either to a friend or to the local charity shop).
A complete waste of time and money.
Guilt inducing failure.

Wait a minute!

But, hang on in there..
There is a way to rework these shopping failures.
Giving them some style CPR.
Bringing them back to life.
Maybe even shaking up other items in your wardrobe, in the process.

Take this dress, for example…

This beautiful little dress was hanging in a charity shop (years ago) looking gorgeous and funky.
It is so beautifully made, and fully lined in a contrast fabric.
A joy against the skin.
Fun, flirty and full of 70’s style fun.
{I looked up these collared halterneck dresses, online, and they seemed a popular dressmaking patterns, in the 70’s}

It is potentially sexy, fun and fashionable, with a retro vibe.
What’s not to love?

However, I feel “silly” (and almost naked) when I wear it.
I have no idea why.
Maybe the cut reveals too much flesh, and I don’t like it!
It has been hanging in my wardrobe for an age, making me wonder,
“What was I thinking?”
But, it is too beautiful to throw away.

The time has come for some action!

Luckily for me (and this dress) the ‘Bare Shoulders’ trend is everywhere this spring/summer.
And, no wonder!
It is sexy (without looking cheap) and our shoulders hardly age at all.
Great news if you are worried about a crepey cleavage or veiny legs…shoulders are “En Vogue!”

I decided to pair this beautiful dress with this cute bardot top.

{Another neglected item that is too flimsy, and too short, to really make an impact on my outfits. Although I did wear it with my arch-enemy...the dreaded culottes!}

The navy and tan stripes of the bardot top were the perfect partner for this dress, allowing me to bare my shoulders without feeling too exposed, or trashy.

restyle your shopping mistakes denim

My friend had spotted this gorgeous leather belt, on the clearance rack at Tkmax, for £3.
It is a beauty, and I can see it going with many different looks.
She is a clever cookie!

restyle your shopping mistakes denim

As the look was mostly denim and tan, these tan peeptoe booties were the obvious choice for me.
I can see myself wearing these a lot  this summer.

My bargain-tastic leather bag (another charity shop gem), a couple of colourful rings and some simple gold hoops, finished things off perfectly!

How you can rework your shopping disasters:

Problem: The colour is all wrong.

Problem: It is a sloppy fit.

  • Invest a few pounds in getting the item altered at a tailor or seamstress. 
  • Sleeves can be shortened, darts created, waistbands narrowed, hems eased…you name it they can (probably) do it!

Problem: The top half is too revealing.

Problem: The hemline is too short.

Problem: The fabric is cheap, unflattering and flimsy.

Please let me know what you think…Did I save this dress?
Do you have “mistakes” hanging in your wardrobe?
Please share in the comments…or tweet me @samantha4blair

Dress: Next..found in a Charity shop (similar)
Top: Newlook (this one is cute)
Nails (toes):Mavala 
Bag: Charity shop! (this one is similar :oD)
Belt: TkMaxx (this one is nice)
Shoes: c/o JD Williams

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