Shake it Up and Try Something Different

How many of us are guilty of sicking to the same-old, same-old?
Whether it’s the shops we go to, or the type of books we read.
We are creatures of habit.

The problem with habit is that we can become stuck in a rut.
And the problem with being in a rut is that we can become stale, boring and eventually out of touch.

Being out of touch = Being OLD

{See THIS POST about the importance of staying young… it might surprise you!}

This week we have been snowed in my house and I’ve had time to think about what I could do with shaking up in my life.

1. Fitness

I need to take my fitness to the next level in order to do all I can to ward off any ailments as I get older.
There is a history of various nasty cancers in my family, so I am trying to do my bit to help myself.
I know that something has to kill us, but I’d rather my children were grown-up and I maybe even had a chance to enjoy a grandbaby (or two) before I pop my clogs!

2. Read More

I need to read a more varied range of books and articles.
I’m guilty of reading the same papers and magazines.
I actively avoid certain genres of book.
This needs to change.

If you have any great book recommendations please let me know!

3. Time for Friends

I need to make more time for my friends.
Female relationships are VITAL… my goodness, who else can you really talk to?
When I say talk I mean the nitty gritty stuff only us girls understand.
I see my friends as often as I can but I need to make more time for more FUN together.

What 3 ‘Shake-Ups’ could you do with?

Last Week Ada at Elegance and Mommyhood caught my eye with her poetry.
I honestly never thought I’d ever say that!

Poetry can leave me cold, especially if it’s soppy, contrived or trying to be ‘clever’.

Ada’s honesty and passion really shone through and I loved reading her words.
See her full post HERE… even if poetry is not really your thing.

BTW…Thank you if you entered my dress giveaway last week.
I appreciate all of your emails.

My daughter is picking the name out of the hat tonight (when I say hat, I mean vase!) and I will email you if you are the winner.
Good luck!

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