Blue Band Jacket Yellow Trousers What’s happened to Our Favourites

blue band jacket yellow trousers

I’ve dug my blue band jacket yellow trousers out of the ‘Put away for winter’ bag and I’m so glad to see them again.
Hello sunshine legs!

See these yellow trousers in action…

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There’s nothing quite as spring-like as a dash of yellow, is there?

{See more yellow in the form of my spring-chicken jumper HERE… I even wore it in the snow}

These yellow trousers had plenty of wear last year and I hope to get much more out of them for 2018.

blue band jacket yellow trousers

Yellow seems to be big news again for 2018.
It’s certainly all over the shops at the moment, paired with green.

Is it just me, or does yellow go with pretty much everything?

I’m wearing these bright yellow trousers with a brand new band-style beaded jacket that I just bought from Boden.

I’ve given Boden a wide berth for a couple of years (apart from picking things up at charity shops) because I feel that the quality of some of their pieces has been seriously lacking.
What was once a brand to be relied on has let me down on more than on occasion.

It’s so disappointing to pay good money for something that turns out to be no better than an item you could get elsewhere for MUCH cheaper.

However, I always like to keep an open mind and when I saw this jacket online in the sale and decided to give it a go.

For the sale price, it’s a good (enough) bargain and the quality is much better than I expected.
I was so relieved.

I’m not saying I’ll be rushing back to Boden anytime soon but, for now, this jacket has me back on side.

{Although metal buttons would have upped the ante much more than these plastic ones… cheap buttons are a bit of a pet peeve for me. I’ll be on the look-out for some nice new ones!}

blue band jacket yellow trousers

So, what is happening to some of our trusted brands?
The standards are definitely slipping and quality is sometimes at rock bottom.

I know the prices of materials are increasing, and brands want to maximise profits, but don’t they realise that many of us would much prefer to pay a little more for reliable quality?

Cheap items are 10 a penny and we can pick them up anywhere.
I want to be able to rely on certain brands to deliver that little bit extra.

I have (very) old Boden tops that are still going strong whereas a more recent purchase felt more like Primark than old Boden.
Much as I love a bit of Primark I don’t expect to pay Boden prices for it!

What do you think?
Are some brands letting you down?
What brands can you rely on to deliver on quality?

Would you be happy to pay a little more for what you want?
Or, is it cheap and cheerful all the way!?

I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

BLUE JACKET: Boden.(even cheaper now!!).. this one looks nice too.
STAR TOP: Topshop, sold out but this one is nice.
BAG: Old Boden!

Last week Claire stole my heart with her Miss Piggy Shoes.
OMG…. how quirky and fun are they?!

Miss Piggy is, of course, a fashion icon and I love irregular choice shoes so this is a match made in heaven.

See her full post HERE.

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