Simple Work Outfit | Black & Camel.

simple work outfit black pencil

Sometimes, your daily schedule might call for an outfit that needs to be smarter than your normal look.
Perhaps something a little simpler, and more elegant.
Businesslike, even.

As a casual dresser, this can be tricky!

simple work outfit black pencil

What could be simpler (or smarter) than a black pencil skirt and a fine knit, v-neck, cashmere jumper?
real classic combination.

Well, yes it is.
It’s just a bit boring, isn’t it?

Pencil skirts can be depressingly dull.
Ditto, V-neck jumpers…especially in such a neutral shade.

What if you’re not really a ‘smart clothes’ person?
What if you are slightly uncomfortable in more formal clothing?
What if, despite a serious occasion, you still want to feel like ‘you’?

Is it easy to get a balance between formality, and personality?

Of course!

Just take the basics of a more formal look, and add small touches of your personal style.

For this outfit, I knew I needed to keep things simple.
A good quality, plain, jumper and a structured pencil skirt were a classic base.
However, I had to inject my own style into this look.
{It is impossible to feel comfortable and confident if you don’t feel like yourself}
A pair of chunky hoop earrings were a good start.
Big and bold, but still plain.

I decided against wearing a chunky necklace, even though the neckline of this jumper is the perfect shape.
But, in my mind, the V of this jumper is so well structured (and finished) that I did not want to interfere with its clean lines.

{My scarf was only around my neck when I had my mac on, apart from in the shot above}

simple work outfit black pencil

This pencil skirt is perfect for adding another touch of individuality to a classic combination.
It has an unusual eyelet and tie detail at the front, which I love.
The fabric is nice and thick and I like the length.
The best part is that I waited for it to come into the “Flash Sale”… And it had a whopping 80% off.
{I do love a wee bargain}

A classic style brown bag kept the outfit looking grown-up BUT, I could not resist adding some whimsical fun in the shape of these leopard platforms.

I know my classic black court shoes would have been much more serious (and businesslike) but I could not help myself!

Confidence comes from feeling comfortable.
My classic courts felt too stuffy, and formal.
These felt much more “me” and I therefore felt in control.
A bright lip added to the armoury.

{I’ve just noticed that these tights look blue in the picture below, but they were definitely black.
At least I hope they were!!
They did not last long on my legs anyway, even if they were blue!
I was not impressed with the finish (or the quality) as I had to use my spare pair when they developed an ugly snag really early in the day}

Over to you…

How would you inject your personality into a more classic look?
Design details?
A great bag?

Please share your secrets in the comments, or contact me.

SKIRT: Finery London (sold out)…This one is longer and half price.
JUMPER: John Smedley (this one is beautiful)
TIGHTS: Gypsy 40 (these ones are beautiful, and last well.)
SHOES: Office (these are stunning…want!!!!)
BAG: Lango (this one is smart)
SCARF: Moschino (this one is a beauty)

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