Charity Shopping | Chunky Turquoise Necklace & Tartan Brogues.

charity shopping chunky turquoise

Lets talk about Charity (thrift) shopping.

I am not sure about how things work overseas, but in the UK charity shops can be a hit or a miss.

{Warning: 90% miss!}

There is often a jumble of (quite frankly) over-priced tat.
I see many cheap, and nasty, tops, jumpers and dresses…bobbly, stained and priced at a silly price points.
Sometimes more than they were originally!

Then there is the smell.
“Old lady”.
… or worse!!

I’m not painting a very attractive picture am I?

After reading that, it might be hard to believe that I love charity shopping.
In fact, I can’t walk past a shop without having…
“Just a quick look, 5 minutes, honestly!”.
{Cue the collective groan from my family}

Yes, there are plenty of over worn (and worn out) clothes to look through…
But, then.
A real gem.

See some of my favourite Charity shop finds here…

  • This leather jacket.
  • This beautiful designer dress.
  • This denim dress, and leather handbag.

In fact, most of my outfits involve at least one secondhand item.
Sometimes the whole look!

charity shopping chunky turquoise

Last Saturday I was having a look through one of the local charity shops, ready to discover that hidden ‘gem’.
There were some gorgeous vintage 80’s clothes (I assume someone had a big clear out) and a few nice pairs of high-street-designer shoes.
Unfortunately the clothes were a 14-16, and the shoes a 6.
Never mind.
Better luck next time.

As I was leaving, I decided to have a quick rummage through the jewellery.
It is usually a tangle of really cheap (and uninspiring) pieces.
All priced at £3.00.
All worth no more than 50p!
I don’t hold out hope of finding anything.
Today (amongst the tangle) was this necklace.
Not only is it chunky and colourful (which is right up my street) but it is also one of my favourite colours!
Delicious knobbly chunks of vibrant turquoise.
Perfect to add life to any look.
£3.00 very well spent!

charity shopping chunky turquoise

It may come as no surprise to you that this outfit started with a necklace.

A beautiful, full of character, full of colour, necklace!

Simple dark wash jeans, and a blush coloured jumper (last seen here) are lifted out of the doldrums with this pop of turquoise.

Burgundy brogues (with a tartan design) seemed the obvious choice of footwear.
Comfortable and practical, with just enough personality to compliment, without competing with, the necklace.
They have touches of turquoise in the tartan panel, subtle but effective.

This beautiful necklace goes to prove that popping into a charity shop for a 5 minute rummage is well worth the effort.
Every now and again something special will be lurking, and could be yours for the price of a coffee!
What’s not to love about that?

Well, I know for sure that some people really hate charity shops, and I totally understand why…

  • Outfits are hard to visualise.
  • Colours are random. {Although there is a shop near me that hangs everything in groups of colour, which is really pleasing to the eye…like a rainbow!}
  • The general messiness.
  • The lack of sizes.
  • The chaotic nature of the whole experience.
  • Old clothes can be unappealing.
  • Rifling through rubbish can be disheartening.
  • Not to mention the smell…did I mention that?!

A clean, ordered and well presented shop is much more appealing.

  • Outfits are laid out for you.
  • Colours compliment each other.
  • The sizes are reliable {Although, not always these days!}.
  • Styles are safe and socially acceptable.
  • There is little danger of looking eccentric or “different”.
  • Fabrics are modern and (usually) washable.
  • Items are new.

I really enjoy both types of shopping experience.
{As long as it involves coffees and lunch…like this!}

But, if I had to choose, I would pick a rummage through a charity shop over a high-street shop, any day!

Over to you…
How do you feel about charity shopping?
Do you love it?
Or, can you not be bothered rummaging through the tat?

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments.
Or Contact me!

Feel free to leave a link (or email me a photo) and share any charity shop finds that you are particularly proud of.

I love reading your comments, and would love to see some of those hidden gems!

NECKLACE: Charity shop (This necklace is similar)
JEANS: H&M (similar)
JUMPER: Primark (this one is cool)
GLASSES: Fenchurch
BAG: Rosetti (this one is lovely)
BROGUES: Clarks (these are cool, and half price!)

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