Statement Sleeves Silver Boots & Patterned Trousers, over 40.

statement sleeves silver boots

It’s getting to that time of year (in Scotland at least) when we are a little fed up of winter layers and dark, dreich mornings.
The sky is getting lighter (at both ends of the day) and there is a glimmer of hope.

Hope for a beautiful spring.
Hope for a warm summer.
Hope for a generally great year.

Unfortunately, the warm summer part never usually comes to much (it’s almost always a bit cool and wet) but we are eternally optimistic.

{I even bought a sundress in eager anticipation…
Luckily it can be layered up with thermals and a cardigan!}

statement sleeves silver boots

So, today I was looking forward to spring, and despite the damp chill in the air, I braved my ankles to the elements.

{Well, not really… I am wearing a sheepskin insole and nude tights. Cheat!}

This softly coloured jumper (with it’s whimsical sleeves) made me think of warmer days, and these silver boots are bold, bright and full of optimism.

This whole outfit “fell into my basket” on my way to an appointment in Glasgow.
I had to walk past Topshop and (with five minutes to spare) could not resist a rummage.
was supposed to be saving a few quid but these offers were too good to resist.
(The boots were only £4.50)

AND, I know these items will get a lot of wear over the next few months.
PLUS, the trousers are a classic cut and a timeless design.

{I always have a (very) long list of excuses at the ready!}

statement sleeves silver boots

Does this time of year make you dream of fine spring weather and warm summer days?
Or, do you hope for a break in the heat and some refreshing rain?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

JUMPER: Topshop
BOOTS: Topshop… these are FAB!
BAG: Topshop (again!)… this one is similar.

{Wee Jake is checking out my boots in this shot…. does he approve? Of course!}

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